Confusions and Connections
Dorothy Du Boisson and Colossus
Written March 12, 2013
I don’t write, normally, about dead people but I will make an exception here. Yes, you may argue that I already have done in this post.  That one is actually ...more
Happy International Women’s Day
Written March 8, 2013
I originally wrote this piece for Ada Lovelace Day over on my main blog. As today is International Women’s Day I have decided to re-post it over here. Ada Lovelace Day ...more
Is it 1998 again?
Written March 27, 2013
Over on the other blog I received a trailer and image for an upcoming new film.  White House Down.  No it’s not a sequel to Black Hawk Down but a ...more
The Croods take on The Chancellor
Written March 20, 2013
Grug today released news that he was dropping the price of beer by one pebble per horn. This came as a shock to us all as we didn’t realise that Stonehenge ...more

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