Confusions and Connections
Forever tinkering
Written January 24, 2013
One of the annoyances that can get to you over the years is the fact that some directors are forever playing with their masterpiece. I will take my ire to ...more
Four weeks in
Written September 1, 2013
Before anyone asks, I know this post is a couple of days late to be four weeks after my little problem with my heart. The last two weeks since my last ...more
Gangster time hits posters
Written January 8, 2013
With a Top Ten list up on the other blog about Gangster Squad. That came with the poster for the film and, yet again, it felt familiar. This familiarity was quite ...more
Go ask Alice
Written November 26, 2013
They say that Alice In Wonderland is just a book about drugs. All the way through it. On this anniversary of the release of the book I went hunting for something ...more
Godzilla is back!
Written December 10, 2013
Two great things occured today. The first was the new teaser for one of the greatest cinema monsters of all time and the second was a new poster for the ...more
Grace Hopper gets a google doodle
Written December 9, 2013
I have already commented about the wonderful lady that was Rear Admiral Grace Hopper and her contribution to the world of computing. Today, her 107th birthday, Google celebrated her life with ...more
Happy birthday to the free Internet
Written April 30, 2013
Today is a special anniversary for the World Wide Web. Twenty years ago a document was signed at CERN that gave the code for the first web server to the ...more
Happy Halloween
Written October 31, 2013
As today is Halloween I thought it would be a good time to talk about what this holiday has done to films. It is mentioned in a large number of films ...more
Happy International Women’s Day
Written March 8, 2013
I originally wrote this piece for Ada Lovelace Day over on my main blog. As today is International Women’s Day I have decided to re-post it over here. Ada Lovelace Day ...more
Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
Written November 27, 2013
I spend a lot of time commuting to work at the moment and as such I see a lot of TV series.  It’s something to keep me sane on the ...more
Historical Computers
Written June 24, 2013
I am of that generation that were brought up with, by today’s standards, computers that feel that are not that much faster than doing the calculations by hand. We started with ...more
I love the NHS
Written November 1, 2013
As regular followers of this blog will know I have had some major health issues over the last few months and without the ground breaking organization that the NHS is ...more
Is a name a name?
Written September 16, 2013
I was just sitting here thinking about Bond, James Bond and how he keeps changing appearance and nobody makes any comments about the change. This then starts you thinking about other ...more
Is it 1998 again?
Written March 27, 2013
Over on the other blog I received a trailer and image for an upcoming new film.  White House Down.  No it’s not a sequel to Black Hawk Down but a ...more
It’s not only my heart
Written September 4, 2013
I had to give blood a couple of weeks ago in regards to my recent health issues. It was just a regular blood test to see what was happening and ...more
Jack Ryan over the years
Written October 16, 2013
With the release of the second trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, It’s now a good time to go through the ever changing face of our hero. We have already seen ...more
JCVD is back
Written November 23, 2013
It all started with an advert for Volvo Trucks staring JCVD about 10 days ago… Before you cry foul and it was all done on a green screen and wires they ...more
Jumping on the Robocop bandwagon
Written September 11, 2013
After receiving the UK trailer and some images to the remake of Robocop yesterday, it got me thinking and that I should throw my own two cents in as I ...more
Kim Jong Il talks cinema theory
Written February 10, 2013
This could possibly be the ultimate book on film and cinema theory. Written by the greatest leader of all time. The Eternal Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il.  His seminal ...more
I have spent many a good hour arguing both for and against how good this director was. When Kubrick worked, he took his time to research to a minuscule degree. An ...more

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