Confusions and Connections
2 great new trailers and Peanuts
Written March 20, 2014
This week my inbox has received new trailers for three upcoming films. Some sooner than others. I have put them in order of my enthusiasm. Godzilla The new, final, trailer hit my ...more
Aliens inventing the iPod?
Written March 4, 2014
Aliens and Shatner! What more do you need for a children’s film? That mostly involves having fart gags and other bodily functions. Shatner has already made an appearance in this blog ...more
Another look at Cosmos
Written March 17, 2014
Almost 35 years ago, the late Carl Sagan stared in a ground breaking TV series called Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. This series was, until PBS did one about the American civil ...more
Asteroids and monkeys
Written March 14, 2014
Asteroids & monkeys? What is the connection I hear you say. Well, the simple answer is this: I was listening to an old podcast of the BBC radio 4 series, The ...more
From the Earth to the Moon
Written March 19, 2014
Over a hundred years ago, a Frenchman decided to make a film. Not that unusual, people had been making films for a couple of years by then. This was different. It ...more
Yesterday saw the latest trailer along with the new poster. This has caused much celebration and derision between fans. It seems that everyone loves the new trailer but hates the ...more
God and the Suitcase
Written March 10, 2014
Every Friday I watch, with a couple of friends and a couple of drinks, bad movies. I’m not going into this as I have already covered this on the blog. The ...more
March 12, 1989 is a date that should be celebrated by any world wide web user. This is when a scientist at CERN presented a paper describing a new method ...more
Hercules gets a Trailer and more
Written March 25, 2014
With everyone’s favourite children’s entertainer, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing the hero of the piece, Hercules, we have been sent the first, teaser, trailer from the film as well as, ...more
Friday saw the first teaser trailer for the upcoming film Into the Storm. That made me think that the film could have been a disgusting horror movie. This has been ...more
Paddington gets a trailer and poster
Written March 4, 2014
With a cast to die for, we have just been sent the first poster and trailer for the upcoming Paddington film. It was almost a year ago when I first heard ...more
Pioneers and Golden Records
Written March 18, 2014
Two of the greatest experiments started when I was very young.  These being the launch of four probes. The two pioneers and the two voyagers. These probes have produced some of ...more
Plastic breaks the bank
Written March 26, 2014
Plastic is a film that is “Based on a true story“. A phase that always fills me with dread when reading a film’s synopsis. Another one that makes me feel ...more
Preston railway station and the war
Written March 31, 2014
There are two memorials to the men, and women, of the first world war at the station. One celebrates the joy of helping returning, and departing, members of the armed ...more
Psychotic computers and hard drives
Written March 27, 2014
I have a naming convention for the hard drives of the computers I own. It’s quite a simple one. I name them all after psychotic computers that appear in films. You ...more
A couple of important things hit my inbox today. This is the big one. The first trailer and, official, image for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Hero Ninja Turtles hit the ...more
The past is a different place
Written March 6, 2014
Walking from the office to the train station, I happened to notice an old portable stereo. One from the 80s but with a twist. It had a small, 3 or ...more
The ultimate MacGuffin?
Written March 13, 2014
A post from earlier this week, talked about god and suitcases.  Now I have to talk about one of the greatest, and least well know, MacGuffin of all time. R2D2. What? ...more
Tom Cruise and a time loop
Written March 26, 2014
Tom Cruise has a new film coming out. Yep, it’s another sci-fi one! From the director of the Bourne Identity and Mr & Mrs Smith, comes an epic action film. What ...more
Transformers finally gets a trailer
Written March 5, 2014
It’s transformers time! Not only do we get four character posters for the film, we also get the first kick-ass trailer. It’s all there. Big robots, bigger explosions and dreadful dialogue. ...more

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