Confusions and Connections
Remembering Hillsborough 25 years on
Written April 15, 2014
25 years ago, on a nice mid-April afternoon, a football match happened. Nothing unusual there as that happens up and down the country every week in the football season. This ...more
The Equalizer is back
Written April 20, 2014
Late last week I got this in my in-box. The first poster for the upcoming film adaptation of the 80s classic series, The Equalizer. My first thought was “Why”. The 80s ...more
The Expendables are back again
Written April 28, 2014
The Expendables are back. This time they have youth on their side. No they haven’t gone back in time so Sly, Dolph & Arnie can look like we remember them ...more
The good and the bad of posters
Written April 16, 2014
Over the last couple of weeks, I have seen both amazing posters and one done by a designer who seems to have run out of inspiration on the day. I have ...more
The Hobbit has a new name
Written April 28, 2014
Late last week the world was informed that a film had changed its name. Nothing unusual there, it happens all the time. This one was different. We had been told that ...more
The X-men go into battle
Written April 15, 2014
Twentieth Century Fox has just sent over a great clip to celebrate the fact that tomorrow we will see the debut of the final trailer for the upcoming film. So far ...more
TMNT gets character posters
Written April 8, 2014
Some new, exciting, content from the upcoming reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. It’s a simple set of four posters. It’s for the turtles themselves. They are simple but ...more
Yesterday we were told that the final trailer for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past was going to be released today. That was correct.  it hit the web at 9am ...more

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