Confusions and Connections
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Written May 26, 2014
This film hit my inbox sometime last week and was ignored until today. Watching the trailer made me think that it could be a great laugh to watch. Then it has ...more
Ab Fab or Ab Flop?
Written May 26, 2014
Yesterday saw the confirmation from Jennifer Saunders that there will be an Ab Fab movie. She was talking at the Hay Festival, reports the South Wales Evening Post. I was a fan ...more
Act of God… which one?
Written May 20, 2014
Yesterday I wondered about an Act of god. Which one sprang to mind. This post will reference the, in my view, genesis of that comment. It was made by Douglas Adams ...more
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Written May 21, 2014
News hit my in-box a little earlier about what was being called “Batman Vs Superman”. Now the news is that it has a name. It’s going to be called “Batman ...more
The first poster for Chris Nolan’s new sci-fi flick hit the web not that long ago. It tells you as much about the film as the synopsis and the teaser trailer ...more
Yesterday saw the release of two new posters for Tom Cruise’s take on Groundhog Day. We have, sort of, seen them before. They were as banner images and not the posters ...more
Edge of Tomorrow gets its posters
Written May 5, 2014
I have talked before about the new Tom Cruise take on Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow. This time I have for you the two posters as well as three “banners”. I ...more
The first image of Ben Affleck as Batman has been released. The suit looks great. The one thing I was worried about is that the suit had George Clooney nipples ...more
Being an evil genius takes a lot of work. It’s not just as simple as getting your well thumbed ACME catalogue out and turning to a random page and placing ...more
Yesterday we received the first trailer for the upcoming sequel to Godzilla director’s début feature, Monsters.  It has the same feel as the original but with much more of a ...more
Happy Towel Day
Written May 25, 2014
Today, May 25, is the 14th Towel Day. A day when Douglas Adams fans celebrate his life, work and untimely death. It was first proposed in 2001, just a few days ...more
Interstellar gets a full trailer
Written May 16, 2014
We have already seen something from Chris Nolan’s upcoming feature, Intersteller.  The one thing we haven’t seen is a trailer yet. I know we have seen a teaser trailer that gives ...more
Last week we saw the trailer, as well as some images released for the film. Today, we get the first set of images & they’re disappointing. No explosions or fights ...more
More from the Guardians
Written May 12, 2014
A whole new set of images have just been launched of Peter Quill and the gang. From a great group shot of our “heroes”, armed to the teeth, via shots of ...more
New timetables to my life
Written May 19, 2014
From today all of the train timetables for my daily commute have been changed. If it was by five or ten minutes then that wouldn’t be a problem. For some ...more
Has Optimus prime been channelling Calculon from 968 years in the future? That is the question that everyone needs answering. From the new set of images that saw Optimus and Bumblebee ...more
Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are in the spotlight. It’s the new set of images from the upcoming 4th movie in the Transformers franchise. It has a cast who can act ...more
Pitchforks and how to avoid them
Written May 6, 2014
Pitchforks and torches are two of the things that your average evil genius have to be always careful of. It may just happen out of the blue. That’s unlikely as ...more
Last year saw the Cars spin-off, Planes, fly into cinemas. Now we can go and see the sequel. It’s still have quite a wait until it hist the Silver Screen! ...more
Today, May 5, is the 34th anniversary of one of the most memorable stories of the late 20th century. That being the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in London. I remember the ...more

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