Confusions and Connections
Planning on World Domination?
Written June 10, 2014
Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I have a hobby. That of trying to take over the world. If that won’t work, just being able to get ...more
Psychotic Penguins go it alone
Written June 9, 2014
Our favourite psychotic penguins are getting back to the silver screen. This time without the help of Marty and the rest of the gang. They are going it alone. The first ...more
Remembering Tienanmen 25 years on
Written June 4, 2014
25 years ago, a bunch of students started to protest about their freedom. Not that unusual about that until I tell you that this was in China. It was held ...more
Rihanna goes Home
Written June 15, 2014
From the creators of Shrek & The Croods, I give you their upcoming film Home. Based upon the novel The Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.  We see three creatures, ...more
See more of Pudsey
Written June 26, 2014
With a reasonable British cast, a famous dog, what more could this film need to be big? Well, something of a plot that hasn’t been done to death. It seems to ...more
It’s been a busy week for trailer. First we had Guardians of the Galaxy, then the final one for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes rounded up with one ...more
Spongebob gets a second movie.
Written June 10, 2014
Good news Spongebob fans. There’s going to be a second movie! It’s only been ten years since his first outing to the Silver Screen. That’s the good news. The bad news ...more
Still waiting for a jet-pack
Written June 19, 2014
The thing about being born in the early 70s is what we were told about the future. Normally from Tomorrows World. Things along the lines of “in the 21st century ...more
The Apes get a new trailer
Written June 19, 2014
The new trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hit my in box this morning. In this one we see more of the truce and its failure. There is ...more
The Equalizer gets a trailer
Written June 16, 2014
The first trailer for the upcoming film version of the classic 80s series has hit. I hate to say this but it’s nothing special. It could be the new Die Hard ...more
One part of running a website is making sure that you are getting visitors. How they get to your site and what search terms they have used if they arrived ...more
Web Classic
Written June 25, 2014
This post was inspired, again, by Randall Munroe’s great, geeky, cartoon XKCD. If you’re old enough to remember the days before twitter and facebook the you would remember things mentioned in ...more

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