Confusions and Connections
I haven’t done this before on the blog. Just running most of a press release but in this case I have to make an exception. It’s just easier ...more
Be nice to Comic Sans
Written July 23, 2014
This is another controversial posts. I haven’t done many but they do produce a lot of comments. This one will be no exception. I say that Comic Sans is a good ...more
How you get a super-powers is a mainstay of how people become superheroes. Normally involving some sort of strange accident. Let’s have a look at how some of our favourite heroes ...more
Biblical epics are back with Exodus
Written July 10, 2014
Yesterday saw the release of the first three posters for the upcoming Ridley Scott film, Exodus: Gods and Kings. They are quite uninspiring. Just simple character shots. One of Moses, Ramses ...more
Blackmailing the world
Written July 1, 2014
I have talked about being an evil genius before on this blog. From construction of your lair to making a loyal army of minions. This time, I’m talking about the end-game. ...more
“What are you doing for the next 12 years?” That was how Richard Linklater asked Patricia Arquette to star in this unique and ground-breaking film. The film focuses on a fictional ...more
Comic Con newbie
Written July 16, 2014
I’m off to cover MCM Manchester Comic Con over the weekend and I have no idea what I’m letting myself in for. As a newbie, will it be filled ...more
Consumerification of computer games?
Written July 15, 2014
I’m a consumer. You’re a consumer. We’re all consumers. We hear the word so often we don’t think about it any more. What is a consumer? People who go shopping? ...more
Cool new stuff from Firebox
Written July 15, 2014
I’ve just received a great email from Firebox. It’s been quite a while between them but then again, they do do some great stuff. Ranging from the really geeky to ...more
Earlier today saw the release of the UK poster for the upcoming Granddad-action movie The Expendables 3. It comes in two forms. The 1-sheet( portrait one ) and the quad ...more
Donald Duck, The Cannibal
Written July 8, 2014
There is something strange over at the Duck household. Not only at the Thanksgiving meal but throughout the year. Is it normal for an uncle feeding his nephews the dead of ...more
Earth To Echo worth paying for
Written July 5, 2014
Another great trailer for Earth To Echo has arrived.  This time with the co-operation of Find Any Film.  The one-stop site for anything film related. The kids and their new friend, ...more
8 new, alternative, posters as well as a video feature for the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The posters are a mix of vintage and propaganda. The propaganda ...more
From the Atlantic to the Moon.
Written July 9, 2014
It was 42 years between man crossing the Atlantic in a plane to man walking on the Moon. Today, that’s about half a lifetime ago. Someone who was born when ...more
Fury and Brad Pitt
Written July 28, 2014
Brad Pitt is back with Fury. A Second World War film. It looks like a mix between the first half of Saving Private Ryan mixed with an Israeli film Lebanon. ...more
Harry Potter with Horns?
Written July 30, 2014
With Harry Potter well behind him, Daniel Radcliffe appears once again in a horror film. This time with Alexandre Aja’s Horns. The teaser trailer doesn’t seem to give that much away ...more
Henry Cavill is Superman
Written July 3, 2014
Warner Bros sent over a little while ago the first image of Henry Cavill as Superman. It’s a very dull image. It has the feel of 300, Watchmen or Sin City ...more
Today, we were informed that Secret Cinema will open a set of stores as part of the Back to the Future experience. For a short time, you are invited to ...more
Hug your SysAdmin today…
Written July 25, 2014
Today is SysAdmin day. To give it is full title System Administrator Appreciation Day. The day when the unsung hero of your company’s internet connections should be celebrated. We are a ...more
Lack of death
Written July 31, 2014
A year ago, around about now, I suffered a heart attack, fortunately the outcome wasn’t a death in the family! As I keep saying, to quote Monty Python, “I ain’t ...more

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