Confusions and Connections
Last week saw the killing by two armed men of 12 people in Paris. Something that caused anger from around the world. The attack happened at the offices of the French ...more
With History being made, again, with the 40th Anniversary release of Monty Python and the Holy Grail hitting cinemas, we have been sent over the following, very useful, guide that ...more
100 days of UKIP meltdowns
Written February 20, 2015
I was going through my collection of random images that I have discovered on the web and one jumped out at me. That one reminded me of UKIP and their ...more
2015 – The year of the Hoverboard!
Written January 1, 2015
It’s now 2015. That means that this year we will see some great fashions as well as a product from Matel that we have been waiting thirty years to own. ...more
54 Days to survive in Sydney
Written January 4, 2015
I discovered 54 Days a while ago as my sister site, Road Rash Reviews, reviewed it. It’s a low-buget, Australian indie film. One that the critics seem to like. ...more
A Monster Calls – Do you answer?
Written November 21, 2015
Photo by Jose Haro Two great things have hit for the upcoming, well in 11 months time, A Monster Calls. A story of love, hate, bullying and a monster that will… ...more
A Month of Sundays has a trailer
Written September 5, 2015
A sweet Australian film hit my in-box earlier. That being A Month of Sundays. A film about being given a second chance in life. It doesn’t have a UK ...more
A more important D-Day?
Written February 15, 2015
44 years ago a momentous event befell the UK. That a change in the way we paid for things. The biggest change in 2,000 years. Gone were the Pounds, Shillings ...more
A piece on drugs
Written December 6, 2015
I did think about writing a piece on drugs for a while. I did tell people I was going to do one but had to explain it was going to ...more
Absolutely Anything has new stuff
Written June 21, 2015
Robin Williams’ last film, Absolutely Anything, has a new trailer. I’ve had this sent over as a teaser trailer. I would actually call it a TV spot as it’s 30 ...more
Absolutely Anything may happen
Written May 6, 2015
With an impressive British cast, Absolutely Anything, has its first trailer. Not only that, just see who the voice of the dog is. It’s Robin Williams in his ...more
Age of Ultron breaking records
Written May 4, 2015
We were sent this over late last week about how the latests Avengers film, Age of Ultron, has become the most successful Disney film’s opening week. This would be in ...more
Age of Ultron has some clips
Written April 15, 2015
Two clips have just been released released for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.  They are two ends of the spectrum.  One involving The Hulk getting involved and something goes ...more
Agent 47 has a new trailer
Written August 6, 2015
Agent 47 is back in the Global Trailer! More revelations about our hero are made. Discovery of what the organisation behind him are revealed. Not only that, we discover what he ...more
Agent 47 hits TV
Written July 5, 2015
The first TV spot for Hitman – Agent 47 hit the web late last week.  It’s a massively cut down version of the trailers that we have already seen.  a ...more
An explosive new trailer showing Agent 47 in his new movie, Hitman: Agent 47. This one shows a lot more of what the plot is about. It’s not only him ...more
Agent 47 is back
Written February 13, 2015
This film hit my in-box yesterday and I had a bad case of deja-vu. Hadn’t they already made this film? Well, after watching the trailer below it was even more ...more
Alan Alda takes the Longest Ride
Written May 26, 2015
Alan Alda is back in The Longest Ride. A love story spanning the generations. From the Second World War to today. Two intertwined love stories from the writer of The ...more
Alan Bennett and a van
Written September 6, 2015
A nice fun film that shows the relationship between playwright Alan Bennett and a lady who took over his life. From an offer to help her for a couple of ...more
Alderaan deserved what it got
Written August 1, 2015
There you go.  I’ve said it, Alderaan deserved everything it got! It was claimed that it was a peaceful planet but it was the base of operations for one of the ...more

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