Confusions and Connections
With Aardman’s help, the new Moment’s worth paying for trailer has hit. It’s only the second time in the campaign where the trailer is made up entirely with new material. ...more
Shaun gets a new poster
Written January 17, 2015
In just under, three weeks to go before Shaun and the rest of the flock hit the Big Screen! With that great news, we have been sent over a new poster ...more
Snoopy and the Red Baron!
Written January 7, 2015
A new teaser trailer has hit the web. This time it involves Snoopy and his enemy, the Red Baron with a great chase through the skies of Europe. Listen to the ...more
Spooks: The Greater Good Teaser Trailer
Written January 31, 2015
After ten seasons, and a couple of years after the television series finished, Spooks is back. This time on the Silver Screen. With that out of the way, the first ...more
The death of Morse
Written January 23, 2015
Morse at one time was the mainstay of communication around the globe. From London to Sydney the dots and dashes were heard. Then in the late 90s, it was decided ...more
The first word on the moon
Written January 26, 2015
What was the first words said on the moon and who said them? As you can guess, it wasn’t Neil Armstrong’s One Small Step. It was, according to a lot of ...more
The Robot Overlords are coming
Written January 7, 2015
February sees the release of, what is described as a “home grown homage to the action adventure films of the 80s”. That being Robot Overlords. All we have, currently, been sent ...more
Thunderbirds are a GO!
Written January 6, 2015
In late December 2014, great news for kids of all ages came out. Thunderbirds are coming back to the small screen. This is all courtesy of ITV Studios and New Zealand-based ...more
Wicked breaks records
Written January 5, 2015
Wicked, the musical based on the untold story between two friends who grow up on two different paths in life. One became the Wicked Witch and the other stayed true ...more
Wikileaks protest for Assange
Written January 6, 2015
I have already done a piece about Wikileaks.  That time was a parody piece about Julian Assange’s claim that he would leave the embassy that he is hiding in soon.  ...more

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