Confusions and Connections
Absolutely Anything may happen
Written May 6, 2015
With an impressive British cast, Absolutely Anything, has its first trailer. Not only that, just see who the voice of the dog is. It’s Robin Williams in his ...more
Age of Ultron breaking records
Written May 4, 2015
We were sent this over late last week about how the latests Avengers film, Age of Ultron, has become the most successful Disney film’s opening week. This would be in ...more
Alan Alda takes the Longest Ride
Written May 26, 2015
Alan Alda is back in The Longest Ride. A love story spanning the generations. From the Second World War to today. Two intertwined love stories from the writer of The ...more
Aloha to a poster and trailer
Written May 1, 2015
I’m not sure if this film is a love triangle or just one with a side missing, I can’t tell with the Aloha poster, and trailer. Coming out of a complete ...more
Amy has a new look
Written May 18, 2015
The biography of the late singer Amy Winehouse has a new poster. It does seem that every poster that we have seen, shows less of Amy as it goes on. ...more
Amy’s first clip
Written May 9, 2015
The first clip from the upcoming film of Amy Winehouse biography, Amy, has hit the web. It’s dreadfully dull and, in my opinion, not showing the film in the best light ...more
Ant-Man gets a new poster
Written May 30, 2015
A huge poster for a tiny hero hit my inbox on Friday. That being the new Ant-Man poster. It shows our hero at his true size. Riding his ant into battle ...more
Behind the Spooks
Written May 6, 2015
With a General election hitting the UK tomorrow, you will need something to recover. Why not try the final part of Spooks? SPooks: The Greater Good hits UK ...more
Coming soon from Disney
Written May 24, 2015
It’s going to be a busy couple of years for Disey. Not only do the have Star Wars out at the end of the year but also a couple of ...more
Containment gets a poster
Written May 16, 2015
Back in October, we saw the first trailer for the film Containment released.  This time it’s the poster. I do like it.  It’s close to the standard colour scheme. but also ...more
Crimson Peak gets a trailer
Written May 14, 2015
From a great studio for horror and a director who makes classic horror movies for the modern audience comes Crimson Peak.  The first being Universal Pictures who have given us ...more
Cub camp – will you survive?
Written May 12, 2015
Did you enjoy your time in cubs? If you didn’t and want to get your own back then this maybe the film for you. Jonas Govaerts takes you on a wonderfully nostalgic ...more
Good government organisation?
Written May 14, 2015
Why not have a good government organisation? Listening, again, to the BBC radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage has given me the impetus to write about something. This time it’s about secret ...more
Guy Pearce and Results
Written May 31, 2015
Not that long ago saw the UK release of the new Guy Pearce film, Results. With that, we have been sent over the final poster for the film. Recently divorced, newly ...more
Guy Pearce gets Results
Written May 10, 2015
Guy Pearce has come a long way since appearing in Australian Soaps in the 1980s. This time he’s back with Results. A film about exercise and more… We’ve been ...more
London has Fallen
Written May 28, 2015
Two great things hit my inbox earlier today. They are both for the upcoming sequel to Olympus has Fallen, London has fallen. The two things are below. The destruction of two ...more
Mad Max’s L.A. Premiere
Written May 9, 2015
Thursday [ 7May2015 ] saw the L.A. premiere of the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road. All the stars were there including two Max Rockatansky’s were there! The fans as well as ...more
Mary Doyle and history
Written May 7, 2015
A small piece on the BBC News website got me thinking. It was an obituary to Rosie The Riveter. The famous Norman Rockwell painting of a woman doing her job ...more
Maze Runner The Scorch Trials
Written May 20, 2015
Three things have hit my inbox for the 2nd part of the Maze Runner series. The first is the trailer. It does have the feel of the 2nd part of The ...more
New Girlfriend, new poster
Written May 3, 2015
The new film, The New Girlfriend, from François Ozon has not only got a nice poster that asks more questions about the film than the trailer below. The plot is simple ...more

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