Confusions and Connections
Nick Park and Early Man
Written May 10, 2015
Nick Park, the greator of Wallace & Gromit, along side StudioCanal and the studio Aardman announced last week that they have a new film in the works The film will be ...more
One Drop is shooting
Written May 11, 2015
One Drop is starting shooting!  That’s all I know, apart from it’s a horror film so I maybe looking forward to it as it does seem to be a low ...more
Pan gets a new trailer
Written May 19, 2015
Pan teams up with Hook to fight the terrible Blackbeard in this new take on the beloved J.M. Barrie classic. It might not site well with the purists but, ...more
Paper Towns – A Mystery to solve
Written May 25, 2015
It seems Hollywood makes two sorts of COming-of-age stories.  The sweet ones with a meaning or the one that involves drink and drugs. This one sites in the first camp.  It ...more
Point Break – the remake!
Written May 27, 2015
Earlier today saw the release of the trailer for the totally unwanted remake of Point Break. The original was an epic of the early 90s and this one just feels flat ...more
Point Break and that word
Written May 30, 2015
Not that long ago we were sent hte first trailer for the upcoming Point Break remake. Now we have been sent a featurette about the new version. It’s ...more
Want to know more about a Poltergeist? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been sent over the below infographic to tie in with this weeks release of the film.  ...more
San Andreas’ last trailer
Written May 5, 2015
Not that long to go before the San Andreas fault fails and throws Dwayne Johnson into UK cinemas. All that is left of Los Angeles is the destruction of ...more
Sia is California Dreamin
Written May 31, 2015
The thing that kept me going back to the trailers is the song we hear in the background. A haunting version of the classic 60s song California Dreamin’. Nobody seemed to ...more
Slow West gets a poster & trailer
Written May 17, 2015
Slow West has been sitting in my in-box for a couple of days now. It something that happens if it’s a busy week for film stuff. Most of ...more
Superman? What happened?
Written May 21, 2015
This is the story of, one of, the greatest films never made. The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened? is the story of that film. From an a-list director, star ...more
Terminator in Duo
Written May 21, 2015
The Terminator has a new poster. It shows the two heroes together in one shot. The thing we need to know as the shock twist has been given away in the ...more
Over 30 years ago, the Griswold family went on vacation to Walley World. This time it’s Rusty’s turn to take his family to the same theme park, Walley World. With this ...more
The Intern has been hired
Written May 15, 2015
With two oscar winners, it seems that The Intern can’t fail. I think they are right. The Intern is an inter-generational comedy about retirement and what you can do to get ...more
The Terminator is back
Written May 17, 2015
With Arnie coming back in Terminator: Genisys later on this year, Park Circus has decided to re-release the film that started it all. The Terminator. Not only do we have the ...more
TNMoC opens a new gallery
Written May 16, 2015
Last week saw the opening of the new Air Traffic Control [ ATC ] opened at the National Museum of Computing [ TNMoC ]. Sponsored by NATS.  The exhibit shows the ...more
Sometimes you need to move a wordpress website between servers. Sometimes it’s as straightforward as changing your service provider so most of the steps below can be ignored as you’re ...more
We are your Friends?
Written May 20, 2015
What is We are your Friends about? It seems to be about modern music. The sort of music I have never liked! That would have put it well down my ...more

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