Confusions and Connections
Macbeth has character posters
Written August 30, 2015
Macbeth is back with a set of character posters. These show the two protagonists in poses that we have come to expect from the couple. One seemingly scheming to manipulate her ...more
Morph is coming to the Fringe
Written August 7, 2015
This is brilliant news! Morph is back and doing the Edinburgh Fringe! Well, sort of. He, along with one of his fathers, Peter Lord are doing a ...more
Pan has new character posters
Written August 27, 2015
New stuff from Pan has arrived. This time it’s four new character posters. They show us the main characters; Peter, Hook, Tiger Lilly and Blackbeard. They show what we think are ...more
It’s been a while since the trailer for the latest Paranormal Activity hit.  This has now all changed with the release of the above poster. What does it tell you that ...more
Sometimes you need to make a decision on how to harm you enemy. This is something that we have covered before on this blog. Well, in part. That time involved ...more
Pleasure Island and war in Grimsby!
Written August 10, 2015
We have been asked to run two great, exclusive, features for the upcoming Pleasure Island. The first is a small piece about the stunt work in the film. not only ...more
Politics of the gun
Written August 29, 2015
I don’t tend to go into politics on this blog.  Well I have done but not in a serious way.  This time it’s different. A few days ago saw the senseless ...more
Ride Along 2 has a poster
Written August 12, 2015
It’s still quite a way off but the first piece for the upcoming Ride Along 2 has hit. that being the above poster. What does it tell us? Well, there ...more
Ride Along 2’s first trailer
Written August 14, 2015
Ride Along 2 has a poster. Now it has a trailer to go with that. Well, What do I think about it? It’s going to be interesting. ...more
If you haven’t already seen the Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse trailer, why not? We now have been sent over the poster for the film.  It’s as amazing as I ...more
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Trailer
Written August 22, 2015
What does three scouts and a cocktail waitress have in common? Well, they all all fighting for their lives form the undead. This is actually a red-band trailer.  As such, it ...more
See more of The Intern
Written August 9, 2015
The new The Intern trailer has been sitting in my in-box for a while. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then After watching it, everything changed. ...more
Star Wars gets more images
Written August 16, 2015
A load of new images for the next instalments in the Star Wars saga have hit the web. They show old friends, and new. Old enemies under a new guise. ...more
Steve Jobs has a poster
Written August 27, 2015
The ultimate salesman, Steve Jobs, has a poster for the upcoming Danny Boyle biopic of the man. The trailer doesn’t seem to paint him in a great light. Then again ...more
Terrorism, the real start
Written August 31, 2015
I have touched on the origins of words before but that was a question and not to correct things that have been going around the web, This is the origins of ...more
The Force Awakens new wallpaper
Written August 16, 2015
With a previous post talking about the new images for Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit.  This time I give you the images converted into wallpaper’s for the computer of ...more
The Holy Grail at 40!
Written August 5, 2015
The Irrational Man has a poster
Written August 31, 2015
With Woody Allen’s Irrational Man already had its run in the US box office, we have still got a couple of weeks to go before it hits UK cinemas. With ...more
The Legend and his downfalls
Written August 28, 2015
The Legend is dead. All because of The Program he was on. We have been sent over a nice set of character posters for the film. Not only that, ...more
The Martian has a new poster
Written August 26, 2015
Not that long ago we saw the great second trailer for The Martian. The ground breaking book by Andrew Weir. The story of a man lost and trying to survive ...more

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