Confusions and Connections
A Month of Sundays has a trailer
Written September 5, 2015
A sweet Australian film hit my in-box earlier. That being A Month of Sundays. A film about being given a second chance in life. It doesn’t have a UK ...more
Alan Bennett and a van
Written September 6, 2015
A nice fun film that shows the relationship between playwright Alan Bennett and a lady who took over his life. From an offer to help her for a couple of ...more
All Hail Macbeth’s new posters
Written September 20, 2015
All Hail! Two new posters for the upcoming version of the classic Shakespeare play. A play of power and murder. That with a help from powers beyond our characters. I ...more
Allegiant, the next chapter in the Divergent Series now has a trailer. It takes off from where the last part ended.  Not only Tris and Four have survived, they take ...more
Alvin is back!
Written September 23, 2015
Alvin and the rest of the Chipmunks are back in a brand new trailer for their fourth big screen outing. This time it’s a road movie to help “save” ...more
Angry Birds gets a new trailer
Written September 23, 2015
The teaser trailer for The Angry Birds Movie has arrived.  It shows quite a lot.  Mainly how grumpy and angry Red is.  Also the pigs ain’t that bright I’ve mever played ...more
Ares – Leave your Mark
Written September 9, 2015
The Ares program has teamed up with Under Armour as a partner to provide the astronauts training gear for their mission to the red planet Mark was asked about the partnership ...more
The National Museum of Computing put on a request in June 2015 for people to help them fix their collection of BBC Micros. They answered the call and helped get ...more
Be a Maze Runner in the next book
Written September 7, 2015
BRAND NEW MAZE RUNNER ADVENTURE GIVES FANS THE CHANCE TO STAR IN THE NEXT BOOK The award-winning author of the hugely successful Maze Runner series, James Dashner, has written a brand ...more
Bite Sized Questions for the Maze Runners
Written September 8, 2015
Yesterday we saw a great competition to be in the next book in the Maze Runner series. This time we ask the cast a set of bite sized questions. ...more
Bridge of Spies, the new poster
Written September 2, 2015
From a poster reminiscent of the 60s comes a new poster for Bridge of Spies. This one is another take on the big face hovering over a scene from the ...more
Convenience – How not to rob a store!
Written September 5, 2015
Ever wanted to rob a convenience store? Well, this film shows you how not to do it. At least, not in an easy and quick way. It does seem to be ...more
Creed has a new trailer
Written September 16, 2015
If you thought the first trailer for the next chapter in the Rocky Series, Creed, was good. You ain’t seen nothing yet! This one shows more of what ...more
Frankenstein – The cast talk
Written September 30, 2015
It’s still got quite a while to go before we see Victor Frankenstein, again, on the big screen.  To keep you interested we have been sent over a great set ...more
Hail Macbeth! The new trailer has arrived
Written September 1, 2015
The new trailer for the upcoming new version of Macbeth has arrived. It has the feel of the 1971 Roman Polanski version mixed with a dollop of Kenneth Branagh’s Henry ...more
How to write a Britain First post
Written September 24, 2015
To write a Britain First, or any other far right post to get clicks, all you need to do is follow this simple guide. First you need something to be disgusted ...more
It was all for Prim
Written September 16, 2015
Katniss only went into the games for her sister, Prim. Just to save her. What she became was something spectacular. A rallying cry for all the people of ...more
Jack Black and the D-train
Written September 13, 2015
Once upon a time Jack Black was a name that could carry a film. This has changed, not for the better… Dan Landsman is the overly enthusiastic head of his ...more
Johnny Utah & the new Point Break trailer
Written September 19, 2015
A new trailer for the upcoming, unnecessary, remake of the 90s classic Point Break. This one focuses more on our hero, Johnny Utah A young FBI agent, Johnny Utah, infiltrates ...more
Macbeth’s new posters
Written September 3, 2015
Not that long ago Macbeth had a new trailer. Today we have new posters for the film. One covered in blood the other uncovered and naked! It’s hard to say which ...more

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