Confusions and Connections
A new poster for the upcoming film that involves Scouts, Zombies and possibly the end of the world has arrived. It is very reminiscent of that type of film from 30 ...more
Snoopy and his greatest foe
Written October 29, 2015
A great new clip for the upcoming Snoopy and Charlie Brown film. This time we see our hero preparing to go against his greatest foe. The Red Baron. ...more
Spectre – The final trailer
Written October 3, 2015
The final trailer for SPECTRE has arrived. It’s quite short but full of action and more questions about what SPECTRE is. Not only that, what link he has ...more
Spielberg & Hanks talk Bridge of Spies
Written October 14, 2015
Two new items from the upcoming Steven Spielberg film Bridge of Spies have arrived. The first is the new UK poster. The other is a nice little featurette ...more
It seems that every website has been running the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer. This site is different! We’re not going to be showing it. On the other ...more
Steve Jobs – A Look Inside
Written October 22, 2015
Not that long to go before Steve Jobs hits the Silver Screen. This time we’ve been sent over a nice featurette that shows not only more clips from the ...more
Steve Jobs – Talking about the man
Written October 25, 2015
The cast and crew of the upcoming Steve Jobs get around a table. They discuss the man and his legacy. Not only that, we do learn other things about ...more
The 33 – The trailer
Written October 13, 2015
The 33 is a simple story, 33 men stuck thousands of feet underground with no hope of rescue. That is until the world found out. What happened in the next ...more
The 33 – The World is Watching
Written October 20, 2015
The 33 is a simple sotry. It involves 33 mines trapped underground. This film is their story. Sort of. Not only do the miners have to ...more
The Mockingjay has a new poster
Written October 1, 2015
The Mockingjay is back with a new poster. This shows Katniss with her favourite weapon. The bow and arrow. It shows what Katniss is thought to be in the eyes of ...more
To celebrate the 40th Anniversary, Monty Python and the Holy Grail will be shown in UK cinemas nationwide for one night only on Wednesday 14th October 2015 accompanied by a ...more
The Vatican Tapes at FrightFest
Written October 17, 2015
From the producers of Underworld and the director of the Crank films comes The Vatican Tapes.  A simple tale of possession and exorcism.  Or is it? Not only that, the film ...more
Three wise men party all night?
Written October 28, 2015
Three friends become Three Wise Men in the upcoming The Night Before. It stars Seth Rogan so you know what to expect. If you watch the trailer you will know ...more
Trumbo and the Hollywood Blacklist
Written October 7, 2015
Trumbo is the story of a bad time in America.  Being blacklisted from your job because of a belief.  The story of standing up for his beliefs.  Being jailed for ...more

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