Confusions and Connections
A Monster Calls – Do you answer?
Written November 21, 2015
Photo by Jose Haro Two great things have hit for the upcoming, well in 11 months time, A Monster Calls. A story of love, hate, bullying and a monster that will… ...more
Allegiant has new posters & trailer
Written November 14, 2015
Back in September, we saw the first, teaser, trailer released alongside a poster for the second part in the Divergent series, Allegiant. This time we have the explosive new trailer. If ...more
The Chiptastic news that has hit today is that Alvin and the rest of the Chipmunks’ latest adventure now has a confirmed UK release date. That being February 12, 2016. If ...more
Attack on Titan has arrived
Written November 21, 2015
If you are a fan of the anime, and manga of Attack on Titan, then you are in for some great news. That being Attack on Titan Part 1 is ...more
Be creative with Snoopy & Charlie Brown
Written November 10, 2015
We’ve just been sent over three how-to features.  They show you how to draw Charlie Brown.  Make a Snoopy puppet.  How to make Snoopy’s nemesis’, The Red Baron, airplane out ...more
Close our borders
Written November 18, 2015
Close our borders seems to be the call of some people in the UK as well as other countries around the world.  Let’s look at this from a logically cynical ...more
Flags flying over Facebook
Written November 21, 2015
You may have noticed over the last week, a lot of your Facebook friends have been changing their profile picture so it shows the French flag overlay.  This was meant ...more
Friday the 13th
Written November 13, 2015
Today is Friday. Yippie I hear you yell! I would, therefore, kindly remind you what date it is. It’s the 13th! With the week I have had so far, my plan ...more
From #jeSuisCharlie to #jeSuisParis
Written November 15, 2015
In January I wrote about the attack on Charlie Hebdo.  This time another attack has happened in the City of Lights.  This time it cost over 100 lives.  Everyone was ...more
Gods Of Egypt
Written November 17, 2015
With Snake Plissken fighting the Gods f Egypt, we have the first trailer for the film. It harks back to the glory days of this sort of genre of ...more
What has Scrat got himself into this time?  The first image for the upcoming next instalment of the Ice Age series of films has hit.  Not only that we also ...more
In Flanders Fields
Written November 8, 2015
In 1915, a Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel sat down to write one of the most iconic poems of the First World War. That being In Flanders Fields. A poem that ...more
In the heart of the Sea is Ron Howard’s take on the story behind what became a classic. That classic being Moby Dick. This is the final, explosive ...more
In the Heart of the Sea has a new poster
Written November 12, 2015
A new poster for In the Heart of the Sea has swum into my inbox. It shows all the major characters in the film.  All the human ones and the ...more
Katniss is the Queen of the UK cinema
Written November 23, 2015
The opening weekend figures are in.  Katniss is now the queen of the UK box office.  Mockingjay Part 2 has topped the charts with an estimates £11.2 million box office ...more
Kung Fu Panda 3 has a new trailer
Written November 3, 2015
Good news Kung Fu Panda fans. Po is back in a new trailer. This time it’s full of action and training montages. The thing all good kung fu movies need. ...more
London Has Fallen has a new trailer for you all to admire. It’s full of everything you would expect. Explosions, gunfire and lots of CGI destruction. Will the US President ...more
Midnight Special has a trailer
Written November 22, 2015
What would you do if your son had a special gift?  Midnight Special tries to answer some of those questions.  It is an interesting concept by looking at the trailer.  ...more
Moby Dick & In the heart of the Sea
Written November 25, 2015
What Inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick? What is the myth behind history’s greatest whale? Roh Howard talks, not only, about the film but the mythical whale that inspired ...more
Mockingjay Part 2’s UK premiere
Written November 6, 2015
Katniss Everdeen has polished up as her alter-ego, Jennifer Lawrence, in the UK premiere of Mockingjay Part 2. The cast and crew decended on London last night to celebrate ...more

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