Confusions and Connections
A piece on drugs
Written December 6, 2015
I did think about writing a piece on drugs for a while. I did tell people I was going to do one but had to explain it was going to ...more
Angry Birds at Christmas
Written December 2, 2015
What could be more nauseating than a cute set of small Angry Birds? The set of hatchings singing a Christmas carol? Yep, we have a winner here! Even with ...more
Angry Birds have a new poster
Written December 13, 2015
The Angry Birds are back to normal after we had the hatchings wishing us a Merry Christmas. The birds are now trying to make Red smile more and control his ...more
Batman explodes with a new trailer
Written December 3, 2015
Only a couple of days ago we saw a trying time for Batman with a short teaser trailer! This time he has even more problems Fearing the actions of a ...more
Batman has a problem in the new trailer
Written December 1, 2015
With 4 months to go before we see the, hopefully, greatest super-hero film being released. Batman Vs Superman has a new teaser trailer for you. It’s great but ...more
Bleach is sometimes the only answer
Written December 30, 2015
Sometimes you just do a, seemingly innocuous, Google image search and the next thing you are doing is grabbing for the brain bleach.  Other times, you have something pop-up on ...more
Deadpool & dat ass!
Written December 1, 2015
Our classic anti-hero, Deadpool, is back with a cool new poster. It shows you his best side. The rear!  Not only that he has a cool rucksack even if pink ...more
Deadpool for your computer
Written December 2, 2015
After yesterday’s release of the new Deadpool poster, I went on a quest to see what images are available for the film. The answer is not a lot but… Where ...more
Eddie the Eagle flies again
Written December 16, 2015
Eddie the Eagle flies again! This time into the Silver Screen. A story of love and struggle that ended up in a rule change in the Winter Olympics ...more
EDSAC and men in sheds
Written December 8, 2015
The Reading workshop time capsule recreating one of the world’s first electronic computers A home workshop in Reading is today playing a vital role in the reconstruction of EDSAC, the Cambridge ...more
Eye in the Sky has a trailer
Written December 10, 2015
A new British film is coming soon, Eye in the Sky.  This is about the War On Terror.  However, Hollywood has already made this film.  However, this is from the ...more
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Written December 15, 2015
Three great things have hit my in box today.  This is one of them.  The first images, poster and teaser trailer for J.K. Rowling film-writing début. Fantastic Beasts and Where ...more
Find out more about Creed
Written December 22, 2015
A great new Creed featurette has arrived.  This one goes more deeply into what it is like to play the son of such an iconic film character. Adonis Johnson never knew ...more
Ghostbusters’ first official image
Written December 16, 2015
The Ghostbusters are back. This is their first time we see them. Well, officially at least! Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates are a pair of unheralded authors who write a book ...more
Grimsby is the place to die?
Written December 11, 2015
If you like Sacha Baron Cohen films then grimsby would be perfect for you. Let’s say I’m not his biggest fan when it comes to his movies. Even so, this ...more
Hansel has his own poster
Written December 8, 2015
Hansel has always been in the background because of Derek Zoolander.  This is is chance to shine in the new poster for Zoolander 2. What does it show?  Well, it doesn’t ...more
Happy Christmas from Snoopy & the gang
Written December 21, 2015
With Snoopy and the gang in UK cinemas for Christmas.  This gives us a chance to give you, or your little ones, a chance to make your own Peanuts inspired ...more
Have a Deadpool Christmas
Written December 25, 2015
Deadpool is after someone on his “Naughty List” for Christmas Day. Not sure if he keeps that promise and finds the person involved! Yep, it is Christmas Day! On the other ...more
We have just been sent over a great Q&A for In the Heart of the Sea.  this is where we talk to not only the stars of the film but ...more
The aliens are back in Independence Day: Resurgence and they are pissed! In the years after the invasion mankind has evolved, adapted, reverse engineered and dreamed with the new technology ...more

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