Confusions and Connections
Joy has a new trailer
Written December 19, 2015
Not that long to go now before Joy hits the UK cinema screen. It will be the best Jennifer Lawrence film of the year [ It opens January 1 🙂 ...more
Joy has another poster
Written December 5, 2015
It’s been quite a while since I last talked about Jennifer Lawrence’s up coming film, Joy. This time, we’ve been sent over a new poster. It also stars Jennifer as ...more
Po is back in a new trailer
Written December 17, 2015
Po is back! This time with a brand new trailer. It shows a lot of new stuff that looks brilliant! I for one is looking forward to seeing our favourite ...more
See more of Deadpool
Written December 15, 2015
Want to see more of Deadpool? This is your chance with the brand new poster. I just hope he doesn’t go off half-cocked and do himself some damage as he doesn’t ...more
Snoopy gets a makeover
Written December 9, 2015
Snoopy and Charlie Brown have both had a makeover with this new set of “Poster art”. Not posters themselves but poster sized versions of our favourite beagle and his ...more
Star Trek Beyond has an explosive trailer
Written December 14, 2015
This trailer came out of nowhere! That being the first trailer for the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond. It’s explosive with a great soundtrack and it’s nice to see ...more
Tarzan is back
Written December 11, 2015
Tarzan is back! This time it’s Alexander Skarsgård playing the man in the loincloth! This is only the “teaser” trailer. Even so it’s over 2 minutes long ...more
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back with the first trailer for their upcoming outing. The sequel to the 2014 Michael Bay Re-boot. It has everything you need to know a ...more
Terrorists & The Empire
Written December 20, 2015
1977 saw the release of a small science fiction film about how the terrorists won. That film was Star Wars and this post is to justify the first sentence of this ...more
The BFG has a trailer
Written December 9, 2015
The classic story of the BFG from Roald Dahl is getting a big screen adaptation with no other than Steven Spielberg at the helm! With that, we have been sent over ...more
The Nice Guys have a poster
Written December 6, 2015
With a great cast, the Nice Guys hav arrived with its first teaser poster. What does it show? Apart from our two “heroes” not much. There are some things that ...more
The Nice Guys have a trailer
Written December 7, 2015
Yesterday saw the first poster for the upcoming 70s comedy The Nice Guys. Now the nice people at Icon have released the first trailer. It makes the film ...more
Triple 9 – The final poster
Written December 28, 2015
Not that long before Triple 9 hits the silver screen here in the UK. I asked two questions about the poster in this page’s description.  They were: Is the poster any good? What ...more
Wonder Woman and her boy sidekicks now get their own posters. These are slightly different, and in my view better, than the US posters. Not only do they show what the ...more
Late last week saw two great things launched for the upcoming next film in the X-Men franchise. This one is X-Men: Apocalypse. Yep, that Apocalypse!  It’s actually three as the ...more
X-Men Apocalypse has another teaser poster
Written December 14, 2015
Not that long ago we saw the first teaser poster, and trailer, for the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse. Today, we see a new teaser poster. This time we see the villain ...more
Zoolander has his own photoshoot
Written December 13, 2015
Not that long ago Hansel got one over on Derek Zoolander with his own poster. Now the status quo has been brought back. Derek has his own poster now.  Not ...more
Zoolander on a scooter
Written December 21, 2015
Not only do we have a great new poster for Zoolander No 2, we get a poster showing Hansel & Valentina as well! It deos make a point of showing how ...more
Zoolander’s nemesis has a poster
Written December 15, 2015
Derek Zoolander’s nemesis has his own poster. Not only that, Alexanya has her own poster to rub it in Derek’s face as well. It’s nice to see Mugatu back in the ...more

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