Confusions and Connections
All Hail Macbeth’s new posters
Written September 20, 2015
All Hail! Two new posters for the upcoming version of the classic Shakespeare play. A play of power and murder. That with a help from powers beyond our characters. I ...more
Allegiant has new posters & trailer
Written November 14, 2015
Back in September, we saw the first, teaser, trailer released alongside a poster for the second part in the Divergent series, Allegiant. This time we have the explosive new trailer. If ...more
Allegiant, the next chapter in the Divergent Series now has a trailer. It takes off from where the last part ended.  Not only Tris and Four have survived, they take ...more
Aloha to a poster and trailer
Written May 1, 2015
I’m not sure if this film is a love triangle or just one with a side missing, I can’t tell with the Aloha poster, and trailer. Coming out of a complete ...more
Alvin & The Chipmunks are back!
Written August 4, 2015
Alvin & The Chipmunks are back in the cinema with The Road Chip. This is the fourth instalment of their antics. This time we have the first trailer ...more
The Chiptastic news that has hit today is that Alvin and the rest of the Chipmunks’ latest adventure now has a confirmed UK release date. That being February 12, 2016. If ...more
Alvin is back!
Written September 23, 2015
Alvin and the rest of the Chipmunks are back in a brand new trailer for their fourth big screen outing. This time it’s a road movie to help “save” ...more
This is my second post about gun murders in America. The first one was about the callous murder of two reporters who were doing their job. This time it’s about ...more
Clint Eastood’s new film hits UK cinemas tomorrow. It has one of the most powerful trailers I have seen in a long while. It’s a show of what choices you ...more
Amy has a new look
Written May 18, 2015
The biography of the late singer Amy Winehouse has a new poster. It does seem that every poster that we have seen, shows less of Amy as it goes on. ...more
Amy Winehouse – the first teaser
Written April 3, 2015
Yesterday saw the first teaser trailer being launched for the upcoming Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy. Not only that, we have also been sent the poster and two images from the film. A ...more
Amy’s first clip
Written May 9, 2015
The first clip from the upcoming film of Amy Winehouse biography, Amy, has hit the web. It’s dreadfully dull and, in my opinion, not showing the film in the best light ...more
Angry Birds at Christmas
Written December 2, 2015
What could be more nauseating than a cute set of small Angry Birds? The set of hatchings singing a Christmas carol? Yep, we have a winner here! Even with ...more
Angry Birds gets a new trailer
Written September 23, 2015
The teaser trailer for The Angry Birds Movie has arrived.  It shows quite a lot.  Mainly how grumpy and angry Red is.  Also the pigs ain’t that bright I’ve mever played ...more
Angry Birds have a new poster
Written December 13, 2015
The Angry Birds are back to normal after we had the hatchings wishing us a Merry Christmas. The birds are now trying to make Red smile more and control his ...more
Another birthday to ponder
Written April 29, 2015
Today its my 44th Birthday.  That’s doesn’t sound that important but due to the NHS I’ve had the joy of celebrating my last two birthdays with friends and family. If you ...more
Ant-Man – More to see
Written June 2, 2015
A great set of images hit my inbox earlier today. this time for the smallest of super-heroes, Ant-Man. It’s a nice mix of images, from the huge size of our hero ...more
Ant-Man gets a giant poster
Written January 10, 2015
The first, teaser, trailer for the upcoming Marvel adventure Ant-Man. Marvel actually released two trailers. One in Ant-Man sized and the other more human sized. Marvel hasn’t only released the two ...more
Ant-Man gets a new poster
Written May 30, 2015
A huge poster for a tiny hero hit my inbox on Friday. That being the new Ant-Man poster. It shows our hero at his true size. Riding his ant into battle ...more
Ant-Man gets more Characters
Written June 25, 2015
The last time we saw a new poster for Ant-Man it was disappointing. This has changed a lot with the new set of character posters. You can work out who is ...more

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