Confusions and Connections
This film came from absolutely nowhere. The upcoming sequel to Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane. As I would have expected. Giving this is a sequel to a film that got very little ...more
13 Hours has a trailer
Written January 11, 2016
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi – The true story of 13 hours of a small band of ex-seals that helped to save the lives of US Diplomatic staff ...more
Antonio Banderas – His best roles
Written January 21, 2016
A man of many talents, Antonio Banderas is best known for his suave Hispanic charm. From his early collaborations with acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, Banderas then broke into Hollywood ...more
Bad Movies and a new blog
Written January 3, 2016
Long time readers of this blog should realise that I also love bad movies.  With that confession out of the way. This is actually to advertise a new blog that I’ve ...more
Ladies, you don’t need to be left alone. Deadpool now has some advice for you. He had to talk to the men first as we don’t know that much about ...more
Deadpool – Touch yourself tonight!
Written January 27, 2016
Take some advice from Deadpool and touch yourself. He is helping the less immortal to protect themselves from testicular cancer. He has joined forces with Ballboys to front their campaign. Not ...more
Deadpool has a phone app
Written January 22, 2016
Good new Deadpool fans! Everyone’s favourite anti-hero is back and this time he can be on your phone! What you get for your money ( It’s free don’t worry! ) ...more
Dragon Ball Z hits UK cinemas
Written January 10, 2016
Are you a Dragon Ball Z fan?  Did you miss it when it came to UK cinemas in 2015?  Did you want to see it in 3D then?  If you ...more
Shortly, BAFTA’s Chair Anne Morrison with Stephen Fry and Gugu Mbatha-Raw will be ammouncing the nominations for the EE British Academy Film Awards in 2016. BAFTA Chief Executive Amanda Berry ...more
Elvis & Nixon
Written January 9, 2016
This is the story between two of the most powerful men in the world. Richard Nixon & Elvis Presley. It’s an incredible story of how they met and how one of ...more
Exposed has a synopsis & images
Written January 13, 2016
Not much is available for the upcoming Keanu Reeves’ new film Exposed. On the plus side, we’ve been sent over a great selection of clips as well as the synopsis. It ...more
Exposed Wallpaper
Written January 17, 2016
Not that long ago we received some information about Exposed. They were just some images. Now you can use the best ones as wallpaper. Be that Keanu ...more
Feel like Rocky for a day
Written January 13, 2016
Rocky is back with his protégé Apollo Creed in the next film in the Rocky saga. This is the sort of PR stunt I like for movies. It’s not all ...more
Getting over the January Blues
Written January 19, 2016
I received this yesterday.  It was Blue Monday and I was soo gloomy I didn’t get around to posting about that day.  Now as it’s Tuesday I’m a lot happier.  ...more
Hail, Caesar has a new poster
Written January 7, 2016
Hail, Caesar is the new film from the Coen Brothers. It does star all the usual suspects as well as Joel’s wife. That being the Oscar winning Frances McDormand. We have ...more
HAIL, CAESAR! – A Look Inside
Written January 28, 2016
Want to know what happened when the Coen Brothers got let loose on Hail, Caesar? Why not let the cast tell you. Not only did they have a ...more
High-Rise has a teaser poster
Written January 5, 2016
I wasn’t sure about running this but after reading the High-Rise synopsis I had to run it. It’s definitely one of the strangest I’ve seen in a while. Especially the last ...more
High-Rise has a trailer
Written January 7, 2016
What can a new place in a high-rise just outside of London give you? A nice quiet life away from anyone else? It looks like this could be ...more
Join us at the High Rise
Written January 28, 2016
Want to find out more about the new High Rise just outside London. From who the architect was to what great facilities are on offer there? Now is your chance ...more
Kai and Po meet at Panda Village
Written January 26, 2016
Po is back with this great clip where he meets the new baddie, Kai. It doesn’t seem to go that well for him as he is stuck doing what ...more

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