Confusions and Connections
10 Cloverfield Lane
Written February 10, 2016
We wait for ages and out of the blue comes the first trailer for 10 Cloverfield lane. Now we’ve been sent over the “Big Game Spot” AKA The Superbowl ...more
Ada Lovelace competition winners meet operators of Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer Three winners of the Fascinating Ada Competition designed to inspire female students about careers in computing received their ...more
Batman Vs Superman has a new trailer
Written February 15, 2016
Less than six weeks before the greatest battle hits the silver scree. Who will win between Batman and Superman. You can guess where my money is placed. ...more
Captain America: Civil War Wallpaper
Written February 23, 2016
Want something to show your allegience to Captain America or Iron Man? This is your chance to decide as I give you a ton of wallpapers for your computer. ...more
Deadpool & sexy superheroes
Written February 1, 2016
What happens when Deadpool meets some sexy superheroes? He makes jokes at their expense and sends in other people to do his dirty work. How does someone how ...more
Deadpool dreams of Wayne
Written February 7, 2016
Friday I received the below press release from Deadpool. It seems that he has gone to the dark side! Joining Manchester United in support of football. Either that or he ...more
Deadpool kills the opposition
Written February 15, 2016
Our favourite anti-hero has broken new ground. Not only did Deadpool become the latest Valentine day movie that couples must see but it has also become the greatest February movie ...more
Eddie The Eagle has a new poster
Written February 1, 2016
It’s not that long before Eddie the Eagle flies into UK cinemas. With that, we have the brand new poster for the film. It shows the rigorous training that Eddie went ...more
Florence Foster Jenkins
Written February 18, 2016
If you have never heard of the extraordinary tale of Florence Foster Jenkins you have to. An amazing woman of incredible talent. That being said it is wildly known she ...more
Florence Foster Jenkins has a Poster
Written February 25, 2016
The only disappointing thing about the new poster for Florence Foster Jenkins is that’s it’s quite good. not as good as the lady herself ‘tho! It shows the lady herself in ...more
High Rise has a trailer & new poster
Written February 10, 2016
Want to live in a High Rise just outside of London? Then this complex maybe for you. We have the brand new trailer for the film as well as something ...more
How pure is Caleb?
Written February 16, 2016
The team are back. Caleb, Four, Tris, Peter & Christina. This time they have gone beyond the walls. With not that long to go before they explode ...more
Not only do we get a new image, above, but a release date for Ice Age : Collision Course. Want to know what it is? Just look down a ...more
Ice Age has a new trailer
Written February 4, 2016
We have already seen a teaser trailer & image for the new Ice Age film. Now we’ve been sent over the first trailer and a brand new image. The trailer shows ...more
IDR has a teaser poster
Written February 8, 2016
We have already seen the trailer for IDR. Now we get the poster and the aliens seem annoyed at Earth for some reason. We have been working for a day like ...more
Jason Bourne is back
Written February 8, 2016
Jason Bourne is back. This time he’s back with his eyes set on someone. Who is that? Is it the CIA? Who will be with him? It seems that since the ...more
Kill Command
Written February 25, 2016
This is the first I’ve heard of Kill Command and why didn’t that happened earlier! It’s an amazing looking story of man Vs machine and one seems to be winning ...more
Meet ECTO-2
Written February 13, 2016
Late yesterday a brand new image hit my inbox. That being the news that there is a new vehicle in town. That being ECTO-2. The newest member of ...more
New Smurfs In The Village
Written February 14, 2016
Sony Pictures Animation Friday announced the addition of three new cast for the lineup of talent in the next Smurf adventure Smurfs: The Lost Village, hitting US theaters March 31, ...more
No Dames sings Channing Tatum
Written February 3, 2016
No Dames! That’s the singing cry from Channing Tatum! We’ve already seen some of the song from the trailers for the film. This time you can see it all. Not ...more

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