Confusions and Connections
The ultimate female hero of the vast DC Comics Universe, Supergirl is known as a definitive kick-ass idol, destined to conquer evil with her exceptional superhuman capabilities. As the familiar ...more
Ben Hur has a personal poster
Written July 7, 2016
A strange selection of character posters have arrived for the upcoming Ben Hur. It shows all of the main cast. From the title character to Jesus. With everyone in between.  ...more
Birth of a Nation
Written July 6, 2016
When I saw the title of this film, The Birth of a Nation, I first thought this was a remake.  A remake of the, now infamous, film by D. W. ...more
Blade Runner 2 First look image
Written July 18, 2016
Blade Runner, the sequel, is about to start principle photography. With that news, we have been sent over the first image for the film. It’s just a concept drawing that ...more
David Brent – Lady Gypsy video
Written July 5, 2016
What can you say about David Brent. He certainly has a talent. Maybe not as a classic songwriter but it is a good tune with, mostly, good lyrics ...more
David Brent has a new poster
Written July 11, 2016
Not only do we have the new poster for David Brent: Life on the road, we also have a set of character posters for the film. DAVID BRENT: LIFE ON THE ...more
Deepwater Horizon has a poster
Written July 10, 2016
The poster for the upcoming disaster movie, Deepwater Horizon, has hit. Not only that, I also give you the trailer and a couple of images from the film. It has ...more
Free State of Jones
Written July 27, 2016
Matthew McConaughey is someone who I never associate with being a leading man. It may just be his name. It just doesn’t sound right. Yes I do know that he ...more
Ghostbusters save Waterloo
Written July 11, 2016
From the home of the London Necropolis Railway, Waterloo Station, has been attacked by the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. A great inspiration to a film that everyone was worried ...more
The Mechanic: Resurrection sees the return of Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop. This time he’s out for revenge when the woman he loves is kidnapped. Not only do we have ...more
Magnificent Seven has a new trailer
Written July 18, 2016
What do seven strangers have in common? That is the question that The Magnificent Seven starts to answer. Who are they and what are they doing. There are ...more
Neon Images
Written July 4, 2016
It’s not that long before the Neon Demon hits the silver screen.  Just before then, we have a new set of images for you.  Also one that seems to be ...more
Patriots Day has a teaser trailer
Written July 10, 2016
Patriots Day is the other film that is directed by Peter Berg that had information about it released late last week.  This one is just the teaser poster for the ...more
The Power Rangers have assembled in the new set of character posters. Who is your favourite? Who is your favourite poster? Are they the same? ...more
Power Rangers unmasked
Written July 21, 2016
Ever wondered what the new Power Rangers look like with out their suits fully on? This now has answered your question.  The new image has arrived and shows you their ...more
Rihanna & the making of Sledgehammer
Written July 12, 2016
Today we go behind the scenes on the making of Sledgehammer.  The new video from Rihanna.  Not only is it the first video ever to be filmed entirely in the ...more
Fun, games and learning at The National Museum of Computing every afternoon 30 July to 28 August The month-long Summer Bytes Festival starts at The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley ...more
Sid & Nancy are back
Written July 26, 2016
One of the great films of the 80s about a sad tale from a decade earlier has a new lease of life. Alex Cox’s Sid & Nancy has just ...more
Simon Pegg in The Ice Age
Written July 17, 2016
Simon Pegg is back as our favourite weasel Buck in this, final, TV sport in the new adventures of the herd in Ice Age Collision Course. Scrat’s epic pursuit of the ...more
Star Trek Beyond has a final trailer
Written July 19, 2016
With only a week to go before Star Trek Beyond hits the silver screen this week. With that, we have the final trailer for the film. It shows ...more

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