Confusions and Connections
LEGO Batman is back
Written September 19, 2016
Our yellow, and black, super-hero is back in the new LEGO Batman poster. As always, our caped super-hero is in attack mode and is telling you something that we already know… Always ...more
Live By Night
Written September 11, 2016
Live by night is the second time that Ben Affleck and Dennis Lehane have collaborated since Gone Baby Gone. The film does seem to have all the clichés of a 20s ...more
Miss Peregrine & Tim Burton
Written September 25, 2016
What can Miss Peregrine tell us about her, film outing’s, creator Tim Burton? Not only did we have the great feature but also a stunt with stars Asa Butterfield and Ella ...more
Miss Peregrine is in a loop
Written September 4, 2016
Miss Peregrine has the power to manipulate time. Creating a loop that resets every 24 hours she has the power to keep the peculiar children safe from the outside world, ...more
Nocturnal Animals has posters
Written September 8, 2016
What do we know about Nocturnal Animals? It’s based on the book “Tony and Susan” by Austin Wright as well as who it stars. However, there doesn’t seem to be ...more
Nocturnal Animals’ first trailer
Written September 15, 2016
The heart stopping first trailer for Nocturnal Animals has exploded onto the web. Is it about revenge or finding yourself? Susan Morrow, a Los Angeles art dealer, lives an incredibly ...more
Power Rangers in new Zord teaser posters
Written September 22, 2016
A brand new set of Power Rangers posters have hit.  This time they show the rangers themselves on their own Zord.  A slightly different look than what fans are used ...more
See more of John Wick
Written September 28, 2016
The first images for the upcoming second instalment of John Wick have arrived. What do they show? Well, he has a dog. The same one it appears that he ended ...more
Star Trek Beyond – New Art Posters
Written September 18, 2016
Graphic designer Matt Ferguson loved Star Trek Beyond so much that he created this beautiful alternative artwork for Paramount. The posters are brilliant. It’s a shame they have come out ...more
The Beatles amazing photoshoot
Written September 15, 2016
With the amazing Ron Howard documentary coming to the Silver Screen shortly. The two last remaining Beatles, and Ron Howard, were at the historic Abbey Road studio for an amazing ...more
THE INFILTRATOR – Escobar Infographic
Written September 18, 2016
With The Infiltrator in UK cinemas, we have for you a great infographic that covers the life of Pablo Escobar’s empire and how to clean your own money… Based on a ...more
The Smurfs are back
Written September 25, 2016
Our favourite blue friends, the Smurfs, are back with the first teaser trailer, and poster, for their upcoming adventure in the Lost Village. What does it show us about the upcoming ...more
Trolls – the singing trailer
Written September 14, 2016
It’s an odd trailer this one. The new trailer for Trolls is introduced by two of the film’s stars, Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake. Not only that, they ...more
Urban Hymn – The trailer & poster
Written September 13, 2016
Take KiDULTHOOD and add a choir into the mix. With that you get Urban Hymn has a hard hitting trailer. It’s the sort of mash-up of genres that ...more
What will a father do for his daughter?
Written September 20, 2016
What can a father do to protect his daughter? In Blood Father, Mel Gibson can answer that question. Grab a gun and go and kill anyone who gets ...more
Who is Moana
Written September 28, 2016
What can a young girl and a Maui demi-god get up to?  Moana has the answer.  To help to save the world from evil but will the succeed in their ...more
Why are the Passengers awake?
Written September 20, 2016
What could possibly go wrong and not make this film a smash hit. It has two of the hottest stars out there. It’s about space. What could stop Passengers becoming ...more

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