Confusions and Connections
Age can’t stop you wanting to rob a bank
Written December 18, 2016
going in style poster
What happens when the company you worked for then takes your pension away? You decide to rob the same bank who have just screwed you out of your money. With some ...more
Alien Covenant has a trailer
Written December 25, 2016
The first trailer for the upcoming new part of the Alien franchise has arrived in Alien Covenant. It’s got the feeling of Alien with a budget. We can see who the ...more
Alpha 5 is alive
Written December 1, 2016
Yesterday saw the first image of Rita Repulsa. Today it’s the turn of Alpha 5 It does seem quite an improvement to a man in a suit ‘tho as you can ...more
Batman has a poster
Written December 1, 2016
The evil yellow dude, Batman, has a poster! Not only that it’s really cool. Not only do we see Batman, Robin & Alfred but a load of other characters. How many ...more
Baywatch, the trailer
Written December 8, 2016
If you cast your minds back 20 years, Baywatch will mean something to you. Thinking of Pamela Anderson in that bikini! However, those days are behind us and now we have ...more
Bruce Willis – Our top 5
Written December 26, 2016
Bruce Willis has taken Hollywood by storm, starring in over 60 films and with multiple awards under his belt, including a prestigious Golden Globe; he most definitely is everyone’s favourite ...more
Bruce Willis is back in Marauders
Written December 19, 2016
What happens when banks get robbed? Normally it’s just money that gets taken. This time it’s different! Not only money but information & lies.  Information that needs to be hidden. Is ...more
Caesar is back with an army
Written December 10, 2016
The explosive next chapter in the journey of Caesar is about to be realised. This is the first trailer for the 3rd film in the series. This time it’s war ...more
Dunkirk – the explosive new trailer
Written December 15, 2016
Dunkirk - Survival Trailer
After seeing the poster and teaser trailer, Dunkirk now has its first full length trailer and it’s as epic as the film is turning out to be “Dunkirk” opens as hundreds ...more
Dunkirk has a poster
Written December 13, 2016
Dunkirk poster
The first poster has arrived for the critically acclaimed director, Christopher Nolan’s next film, Dunkirk. There is quite a lot to see on the poster. From the Stukas at the top; ...more
Finding your Feet
Written December 12, 2016
Finding your Feet
Filming in London has wrapped on Finding Your Feet, starring BAFTA award-winner and Oscar nominee Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake, Maleficent, Harry Potter, Pride) and BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner, ...more
For Carrie
Written December 29, 2016
Princess Leia
It was with devastating news yesterday that the whole world found out that after her heart attack Carrie Fisher died aged 60, drowned in moonlight strangled by her bra. Carrie was, ...more
Gold has a trailer
Written December 17, 2016
Based on the true story of one of the greatest business frauds of all time, Gold, tells the story of Kenny Wells and the gold strike of the century.  Or ...more
John Wick is back with a new trailer
Written December 19, 2016
John Wick 2 banner poster
Why would you pick a fight with John Wick?  we saw what happened the last time and that was just over his dog.  This time it’s personal In this next chapter ...more
Kick brick with LEGO Batman
Written December 20, 2016
Our favourite yellow super-hero, LEGO Batman, is back with some of his friends & enemies in this set of character posters. So sit back & kick brick with all of these ...more
Live By Night has a new poster
Written December 6, 2016
The new Live by Night poster has arrived.  It reminds me of a cross between Scarface and Al Capone in The Untouchables. It definitely shows what Joe has become.  A total ...more
MegaProcessor arrives in Cambridge
Written December 4, 2016
This ground-breaking machine, the MegaProcessor, was switched on and handed over to the Centre’s trustees at a special ceremony on November 24, 2016. It has flooded the foyer area with ...more
More posters that look familiar
Written December 17, 2016
Way back in 2012, the first post I ever wrote was about posters looking similar. A couple of days ago we had two posters arrive for two completely different films. That ...more
Natalie Portman is Jackie
Written December 15, 2016
In the role of her life as Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Portman is amazing as one of the best known First Ladies.  It’s the sort of role that could clean up ...more
Patriots Day – The new trailer
Written December 21, 2016
Patriots Day - Main Trailer
The amazing new trailer for Patriots Day has arrived. Showing an uncompromising look at the aftermath of a terrorist attack. One on American soil on a day of ...more

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