Confusions and Connections
Lorenz SZ42
HMGCC to partner TNMOC in reconstructing the missing German wartime cipher machine motor A radio appeal has found a crack team to reconstruct the missing motor of an extremely rare Lorenz ...more
The founder UK Poster
Why keep small when you can Franchise the heck out McDonald’s? That was Ray Kroc’s idea but in the below clip we discover it wasn’t as simple as that. The Founder ...more
From LEGO Batman to Ninjas
Written February 8, 2017
With LEGO Batman fighting his way onto the silver screen shortly, we now have ninjas to take his place with the The LEGO Ninjago Movie. To start you on your journey ...more
Get Out & don’t look back
Written February 15, 2017
What cound be nicer than a trip to the country with your girlfriend to meet her parents? Well, quite a lot if you meet these parents and are African-American ...more
Ghost in the Shell – The new trailer
Written February 13, 2017
The Major in Ghost in the Shell
You have to remember! Everything they told you was a lie! They created me but they cannot control me! What have they done?  This new trailer delves into the history behind ...more
Ghost in the Shell Big Game
Written February 3, 2017
Ghost in the Shell - Big Game Spot
What does the new TV spot for Ghost in the Shell tell us? Quite a bit for a 30 second trailer.  A lot of iconic scenes from the 1985 anime ...more
Ghost in the Shell on your desktop
Written February 18, 2017
With the upcoming live action remake of the classic 1995 anime film, Ghost in the Shell, hits the silver screen, we give you something to smarten up your desktop with ...more
Hidden Figures – Be the boss!
Written February 16, 2017
It’s the story of the hidden figures, the women, behind getting America into space.  The story that has been long forgotten as the men have taken over.  These women are ...more
Hidden Figures – Give Or Take
Written February 5, 2017
Hidden Figures - Give Or Take
We have been sent over two great pieces for Hidden Figures.  The first shows Katherine Johnson using her mathematical skills to calculate one of John Glenn’s landing zones The second is ...more
Hollywood & World War 2
Written February 28, 2017
It wasn’t only the soldiers that help defeat Hitler. Hollywood also helped. Five of the greatest directors of the era, and some could say of all time, dropped everything to ...more
John Wick – The latest poster
Written February 12, 2017
John Wick 2 gun poster
The latest poster for John Wick has arrived. It’s another one playing on the fact that he does tend to use a lot of fire power to get his ...more
John Wick in training
Written February 1, 2017
John Wick Chapter 2 – Training
Want to know how hard Keanu Reeves and the rest of the cast of John Wick worked to get the effortless use of martial arts and firearms then we have ...more
Warner Bros UK have just sent over a great set of eight illustrated posters for the upcoming second outing of John Wick. Not only do we have 8 different styles, we ...more
King Arthur has a trailer
Written February 20, 2017
Just now, Warner Bros released the brand new trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.  It does take the Arthurian legend and seemingly plonks it down into some bizarre ...more
A dynamic LEGO® installation has crash-landed onto London’s South Bank today, dramatically marking the arrival of the highly anticipated The LEGO® Batman Movie, released in UK cinemas this Friday from ...more
The LEGO® Batman™ Movie - Brick By Brick Featurette
Want to find out how Batman Bruce Wayne lives? Then we have the answers for you. Not only that, how the cast of this amazing super-hero film felt like playing their ...more
Lego Batman in London
Written February 3, 2017
What does the internationally famous Batman get up to at night in London? To answer that question, celebrated ‘Legography’ photographer Andrew Whyte has teamed up with The LEGO® Batman Movie with ...more
Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D
Today we have some great news for you. STUDIOCANAL is pleased to announce that James Cameron will conduct a live Q&A to celebrate the world premiere of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY ...more
Making the LEGO Batarang
Written February 8, 2017
Earlier today we saw what happened when a huge Batarang hits London.  Now we have just been sent over a nice “making of” featurette. This wonderful feature shows us how much ...more
Man Down has a poster
Written February 19, 2017
Since the trailer, and images, hit earlier this year we’ve been waiting for the poster to arrive for the upcoming thriller, Man Down. In a savage post-apocalyptic America, U.S. Marine Gabriel ...more

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