Confusions and Connections
American Assassin gets a poster
Written July 31, 2017
The new UK poster for American Assassin has arrived.  I don’t think it’s as good as the teaser poster.  It only shows you who the star is with the test ...more
TNMOC-EDSAC computer re-created, 26th June, 2013.Photo by John Robertson, 2013. Dr Andrew Herbert OBE has taken over the chairmanship of The National Museum of Computing from Andy Clark, who has stood ...more
Battle of the Sexes has a poster
Written July 4, 2017
It was the tennis match of the Century. A loud-mouthed ex men’s champion challenged the, then, current women’s number one to a game of tennis. It didn’t go as planned as ...more
Between The Wall and a bullet
Written July 12, 2017
The best way to sum up this film, from the trailer, is Phone Booth in Iraq. Who will win?  Well, my money isn’t on the Iraqi sniper The Wall is a deadly ...more
Bright gains a trailer & new images
Written July 23, 2017
This time we see a lot more of what’s the actual plot is about for Netflix’s Vright.  Not only it being a clichéd Good Vs Evil tail with a heavy ...more
Could you babysit Annabelle
Written July 20, 2017
The possessed doll Annabelle, known from The Conjuring universe, arrived in London today, accompanied by actress Emilia Sofia Varslauskaite, 12. The creepy pair were seen travelling towards Stratford, where they ...more
Death Note is back
Written July 2, 2017
Netflix has taken Death Note and given it an American Twist. This has caused some controversy about “Whitewashing” the story. Why is this a problem? Why wouldn’t Ryuk drop the ...more
Dunkirk – World Premiere
Written July 15, 2017
Thursday saw the World Premiere of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The cast and director were there in London’s West End with Prince Harry also making an appearance. “Dunkirk” opens as hundreds ...more
A brand new trailer has hit the web for the upcoming teen romance, Everything, Everything.  This time it focuses more on the music from the film.  That mixed with some ...more
Fassbender Unseen
Written July 1, 2017
At the age of 40, Michael Fassbender already has an acting career most members of his clan can but dream of. Sensitive little indie hits? Check. Powerful, critically-acclaimed dramas with ...more
Finding your Feet
Written July 9, 2017
With an amazing British ensemble cast, Finding your Feet looks at coming to terms with infidelity and re-connecting with your past and your new future When ‘Lady’ Sandra Abbott discovers that ...more
GLOW has new images
Written July 5, 2017
The ladies of GLOW
The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back in this new set of images from the upcoming Netflix series, GLOW. Who is your favourite?  What will be the outcome of this mad ...more
IT has a new poster
Written July 20, 2017
It comic-con poster
With San Diego Comic-con happening at the moment, Warner Bros. have released a brand new poster for that event. This time they’ve managed to make an even creepier poster than I ...more
Jigsaw is back, again!
Written July 11, 2017
Seven years after the final chapter of the Saw franchise, Jigsaw is back for another chance to make even more money scare us for another time. We don’t know that much ...more
Jigsaw’s gruesome first trailer
Written July 20, 2017
The first trailer has hit for Jigsaws latest outing.  The one after the “last one ever“.  This comes quite hot on the heals of the poster that hit earlier in ...more
It’s not cosplay – they just always look this good Kingsman and Statesman are kicking off Comic-Con 2017! Just see who you can see and ask questions to at San Diego Comic-Con ...more
Logan Lucky is lucky?
Written July 2, 2017
What can a family curse help when you’re trying to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the busiest race day of the year? Well, it seems to breed stupid.  Very, very ...more
Look Behind Dunkirk
Written July 11, 2017
With Nolan’s film on the horizon, the story of DUNKIRK has not been told in modern cinema since Norman’s 1958 black-and-white version. Coincidentally, DUNKIRK (1958) stars the late Richard Attenborough ...more
Manga and Anime on the Big Screen
Written July 23, 2017
The Major in Ghost in the Shell
Live adaptations of anime and manga are often a very contentious subject amongst fans, however with many Western comics making it to the ‘live-action’ big screen, why not Japan’s graphic ...more
Matt Groening’s Disenchantment
Written July 26, 2017
Netflix, the world’s leading internet TV network, has ordered twenty episodes of Disenchantment, an adult animated comedy fantasy series from the mind of Matt Groening. In Disenchantment, viewers will be whisked ...more

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