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Confusions and Connections - About the BlogWhat is this website all about I hear you cry.

Well, the simple answer is in the title. Confusions and Connections. Who knows what will appear here, I surely don’t until just before I start writing a piece for it. It could be about the state of my heart one day or dropping a piano onto someone’s head the next. It’s all a bit of a strange journey to discover how it finally turns out.

It gives me a chance to talk about some of my greatest loves. Film, old computers and manned space missions.

If you have an idea on what you want me to have a ramble about then drop me a line via this page, otherwise you can always contact me on twitter. Please remember I do the minimal of research – this has been picked up upon on, at least, one occasion when I mentioned that someone was a bachelor but was in fact married with children!

If you like what I write please add a comment. If you don’t then please add one anyway even if it’s just to have a rant about what I’m writing about!

If you wish to use anything on this website then it can be under this licence.  If you wish to use it in any other way then please contact me.

All release dates for films are correct at time of writing.  They may change so please don’t take this site as the correct release date. This one is a lot better. It’s updated weekly.

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