Confusions and Connections
Sometimes you need to make a decision on how to harm you enemy. This is something that we have covered before on this blog. Well, in part. That time involved anvils. The mainstay of the evil genius’ arsenal of weapons. The other is the piano. Normally dropped from height. The main ...more

More Cartoon Physics
Written December 24, 2014
Quite a while ago I wrote a post about cartoon physics. Well, more than one actually but only one that covered cartoons without referencing the laws that just applied to Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. The page I used only had the laws and not the amendments. This has now ...more

Is Donald Duck suffering from PTSD?
Written November 25, 2014
It’s the second time I have talked about our favourite duck. Donald Duck.  The last time was about his eating habits.  This time it’s about his state of mind and if he is suffering from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If he is, then a good cause would be his time ...more

Man up future self!
Written October 3, 2014
As a programmer, I have to work with a lot of code that has been written by other people. Sometimes I have to write my own to interface with this code. this is when problems can occur. When I’m writing code, I do comment as I go along. Most of the ...more

The Greatest Artist of the 20th Century
Written August 18, 2014
Sometimes being a not that successful predator means that you have to try other things. In Wile E. Coyote’s case it’s being an artist and using that skill to paint landscapes. It’s not the fact that he can do this beautifully at great speed. It’s the dimensionality of them. The downside ...more

Donald Duck, The Cannibal
Written July 8, 2014
There is something strange over at the Duck household. Not only at the Thanksgiving meal but throughout the year. Is it normal for an uncle feeding his nephews the dead of his kind for a meal? It only seems to happen with Donald. Who would like to eat mice or dogs? Duck ...more

How you get a super-powers is a mainstay of how people become superheroes. Normally involving some sort of strange accident. Let’s have a look at how some of our favourite heroes have got them. Mainly it involves having been bitten, dipped in or blasted by some sort of radiation or nasty ...more

Still waiting for a jet-pack
Written June 19, 2014
The thing about being born in the early 70s is what we were told about the future. Normally from Tomorrows World. Things along the lines of “in the 21st century we will all have jet-packs and flying cars“. What I want to know is: Where is my jet-pack? This post was inspired ...more

Bugs Bunny Helped win World War II
Written June 16, 2014
With the 70th Anniversary of D-Day still fresh in our minds, can I take you down another contributor that helped the Second World War. That being Hollywood. More specifically, the people who made cartoons cartoon characters of the time. Be that Daffy Duck, Porky the Pig, Bugs Bunny or even ...more

Atheist suicide bomber?
Written June 13, 2014
I was listening to something on my iPod when atheism was mentioned as well as Richard Dawkins. That got me thinking about that as well as religion in general. I have to say that I describe myself as a Lapsed Atheist if anyone asks. It makes people laugh and then think. ...more

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