Confusions and Connections
Zombie survival guide from Haynes
Written November 3, 2016
Haynes aims to take out zombies with new survival app Haynes Zombie Survival App based on best-selling Zombie Survival Manual by Sean T Page With The Walking Dead returning to our screens and Halloween – the day of the dead – having passed just days ago, Haynes has launched a new zombie ...more

WITCH lives again!
Written October 31, 2016
The Harwell Dekatron Computer Reboot Day, TNMOC, Bletchley.Photo by John Robertson, 20th November, 2012. The incredible story of the WITCH, the world’s oldest working digital computer that has risen from the dead on three separate occasions, is told in new two-and-a-half minute video especially released for this Hallowe’en. Today the mesmeric flashing, ...more

Hidden figures
Written September 24, 2016
Hidden Figures tells the true story of the female “computers” that helped land man on the moon.  From sitting in a room using adding machines to help design the orbital mechanics required for this incredible task. Their story isn’t new but not very well know until today.  This film will show ...more

EDSAC veterans rekindle memories
Written September 7, 2016
Life working with one of the world’s first general purpose computers was brought vividly to life when EDSAC veterans visited The National Museum of Computing to see the latest stage of the reconstruction of the 1950’s Cambridge University computer. The original computer was the first to enter service at a University ...more

The Summer Bytes festival at The National Museum of Computing has had a flurry of strange requests from across the globe. Self-confessed scavengers have wanted to perform an obscure but simple calculation on any pre-1970 computer. With the world’s largest collection of working pre-1970 computers, TNMOC has been able to help ...more

Fun, games and learning at The National Museum of Computing every afternoon 30 July to 28 August The month-long Summer Bytes Festival starts at The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park on 30 July 2016. Open every afternoon from noon until 5pm, the Festival has fun and learning in store ...more

The Breaking of Lorenz
Written June 6, 2016
Colossus veterans see the whole process at The National Museum of Computing Side-by-side: the Lorenz SZ42 used in Germany-occupied territories and the reconstructed Tunny machine that decrypted the messages at Bletchley. For the first time ever, all the equipment used in making and breaking Lorenz, Hitler’s most secret cipher, was demonstrated with ...more

How the 1980’s hack of Prince Philip’s mailbox led to UK anti-hacking legislation The archive of a hacking case that made computing legal history in the UK and changed all our lives has been deposited at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) by Robert Schifreen, the ‘white hat’ at the centre ...more

The full story of the pinnacle of Bletchley Park code-breaking from encrypt to decrypt 1940’s cutting edge crypto technology revealed at The National Museum of Computing Colossus vets Betty O’Connell and Irene Dixon Handover of a Hitler’s most secret cipher machine, the Lorenz Completes unique and full of equipment at TNMOC telling the Breaking ...more

Britain’s first mass-produced business computer goes on display at The National Museum of Computing More than 60 years after it was first revealed to the public, Britain’s first mass-produced business computer, the Hollerith Electronic Computer (HEC), is now on display at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) on Bletchley Park. Dr Raymond ...more

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