Confusions and Connections
The Ninjago are back
Written September 12, 2017
Who do we meet in the LEGO Ninjago Movie?  We have a great cast interview about their characters and how much fun it was making the film. Not only that we have a new poster as well as a huge gallery to keep you interested until the film actually arrives in ...more

In Fabric with Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Written September 12, 2017
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
MARIANNE JEAN-BAPTISTE TO STAR IN ‘IN FABRIC’ WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY PETER STRICKLAND Academy Award and BAFTA nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste, is set to star in the ghost story IN FABRIC, it was announced today by producer Andy Starke. Peter Strickland will direct the feature film from his own original screenplay. Starke developed the project ...more

Who are the Losers’ Club?
Written September 10, 2017
IT – Welcome to the Losers’ Club
Who are the Losers’ Club and what have they got to do with IT? Sometimes you need a believer to kill the monster! In this featurette, that question is answered by the author, Stephen King as well as the cast and crew. When children begin to disappear in the town of ...more

Another Orient Express poster
Written September 10, 2017
Murder on the Orient Express Launch Quad
A couple of days ago we saw the release of the poster for the upcoming remake of the Murder on the Orient Express.  This time we get the quad, landscape, version. I wasn’t very polite about the 1-sheet, portrait, poster so I won’t carry that one.  All the difference is that ...more

Step into IT
Written September 9, 2017
Pennywise the Clown is unleashed at the Peckhamplex Cinema in a chilling immersive screening of the new motion picture IT. Renamed ‘Pennyplex‘ for the night, the independent cinema hosted an audience of terrified, Z-list, celebrities that you probably have never heard of including Gabby from this year’s Love Island, Made in ...more

Comrades! We give you posters & trailer
Written September 9, 2017
What happened when the man who put fear into more Russians than anybody who have lived?  The Death of Stalin may help to answer that. With the trailer, it seems it turns into infighting and petty insults.  Then again that may not be as accurate as you remember it from history. Who ...more

The Orient Express has a new poster
Written September 7, 2017
The sexist new poster for Murder on the Orient Express has arrived. Why call it sexist I hear you cry.  Just look at cast list ( and what awards some have won ).  Why are two people who have, just, been nominated for an OSCAR are more prominent that the female ...more

Early Man has a trailer
Written September 7, 2017
The first trailer for Early Man has arrived. Now we understand a lot more about what Dug is up against to save his tribe from destruction. The teaser trailer have just looked at Dug & the tribe looked like.  now we are looking at what is actually in the film.  It ...more

Making an American Assassin
Written September 2, 2017
What makes an Assassin? Are they born or are they made? This featurette goes into this question by asking Cast, Crew and the author of the book the film is based on. AMERICAN ASSASSIN follows the rise of Mitch Rapp, a CIA black ops recruit under the instruction of Cold War ...more

Face Your Fears
Written August 31, 2017
Who is Pennywise & why does it scare people so much?  WE take a look behind the scenes in the latest version of Stephen King’s IT.  With some comment from the author himself. Not only do we get cast & crew interviews but a chat from the author himself.  That and ...more

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