Confusions and Connections
Is Donald Duck suffering from PTSD?
Written November 25, 2014
It’s the second time I have talked about our favourite duck. Donald Duck.  The last time was about his eating habits.  This time it’s about his state of mind and if he is suffering from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If he is, then a good cause would be his time ...more

Lack of death
Written July 31, 2014
A year ago, around about now, I suffered a heart attack, fortunately the outcome wasn’t a death in the family! As I keep saying, to quote Monty Python, “I ain’t dead!” when anyone asks how I am. I told the world what was happening with a tweet that I also sent ...more

How you get a super-powers is a mainstay of how people become superheroes. Normally involving some sort of strange accident. Let’s have a look at how some of our favourite heroes have got them. Mainly it involves having been bitten, dipped in or blasted by some sort of radiation or nasty ...more

Losing my beard for charity
Written January 21, 2014
Hair today, charity gets money tomorrow. Back in July I had a problem with my heart. It decided that it needed some time off and gave me a heart attack. If we now fast forward to sometime last week, the guy who was running the infamous meeting when my problems started suggested ...more

Welcome to OmniFoundation
Written January 16, 2014
Omnicorp goes into charity After the company’s keynote, and news of their amazing new project, at CES OmniCorp now talks about their charitable foundation, OmniFoundation. The foundation helps people with disabilities. with that out of the way, they are also requesting volunteers to help in their next project. the RC-2000 project. it’s ...more

I love the NHS
Written November 1, 2013
As regular followers of this blog will know I have had some major health issues over the last few months and without the ground breaking organization that the NHS is it would have cost me, probably, tens of thousands of pounds. Not only that, I was lucky enough to be ...more

Eight weeks after my heart attack
Written September 25, 2013
Eight weeks ago I had a heart attack.  Nothing that strange in that statement apart from I wasn’t that old.  It has changed my life quite a lot in that short amount of time. I’m working from home as I’m sure the commute would play hell with me, or more specifically, ...more

Smoking toons!
Written September 25, 2013
Do you remember when your favourite cartoon character smoked?  I do. Probably up to the 80s we saw cartoon characters smoking and we didn’t care.  Be that a last cigarette before a firing squad, a huge cigar for becoming incredibly rich or because they like them and feel the need ...more

Why can’t life be like this?
Written September 8, 2013
For everyone out there who regularly reads this blog you will know that I’ve had some health issues over the last five weeks. This again has me thinking about life, health and, most importantly, cartoons. Mainly about how fun life would be if we didn’t need to worry about breaking bones, ...more

It’s not only my heart
Written September 4, 2013
I had to give blood a couple of weeks ago in regards to my recent health issues. It was just a regular blood test to see what was happening and if the pills I’m on are working correctly. I was a little worried about the results as I did have a ...more

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