Confusions and Connections
Trump & Nixon
Written January 13, 2017
Nixon - Trump
Thinking about what the next four years could hold not only for America but the whole world with a Trump presidency makes me think about the 37th president.  That president was Richard Milhous Nixon. The two do seem, to me, share similar traits.  Both seem to be paranoid about people out ...more

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Milton Keynes as a new town, The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park is hosting a special weekend on 21-22 January 2017 highlighting the past, present and future of computing. For the first eight years of Milton Keynes existence, the existence ...more

Margaret Hamilton and the Moon
Written January 1, 2017
Margaret Hamilton
Margaret Hamilton is a name that you won’t recognize.  It’s a shame as she was in charge of the programming teams that designed, and built, the software for the Lunar and Command Modules that got man to the moon. A hard task for anyone but a WOMAN!  A youngish one at ...more

The Breaking of Lorenz
Written June 6, 2016
Colossus veterans see the whole process at The National Museum of Computing Side-by-side: the Lorenz SZ42 used in Germany-occupied territories and the reconstructed Tunny machine that decrypted the messages at Bletchley. For the first time ever, all the equipment used in making and breaking Lorenz, Hitler’s most secret cipher, was demonstrated with ...more

This is an amazing find and only after a few months of searching.  The lost Portrait of a dead WITCH (Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching Computing from Harwell).  I will let the story of the discover be told by TNMoC themselves in the below press release A rare portrait of an early ...more

Singing in the face of critism
Written February 21, 2016
A couple of days ago we get sent over some information about an upcoming film called Florence Foster Jenkins.  That one will star Meryl Streep as the lady in question and Hugh Grant as her long suffering husband. If you don’t know the story of this great woman, what have you ...more

The Cenotaph turns 95
Written November 11, 2015
95 years ago the great and good gathered in Whitehall, London. This was a special time. It was the second anniversary of the Armistice that ended the great war. They were also there to see the new, permanent, Cenotaph. The Empire’s point of remembrance 1920 was the year that this memorial ...more

In Flanders Fields
Written November 8, 2015
In 1915, a Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel sat down to write one of the most iconic poems of the First World War. That being In Flanders Fields. A poem that inspired one American woman, Moina Michael, to change the way the world commemorate the dead of both World Wars. I leave ...more

Terrorism, the real start
Written August 31, 2015
I have touched on the origins of words before but that was a question and not to correct things that have been going around the web, This is the origins of the word terrorism. The definition that seems to be going around is the one on the right of this post. ...more

The National Museum of Computing needs your help.  A painting is missing. That’s not that unusual but this one is of the Harwell Dekatron / WITCH. The WITCH is a beautiful machine.  She even has a face as I have seen her running at the museum a couple of times.  It ...more

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