Confusions and Connections
Which zombie cuts the grass?
Written February 6, 2017
Zombies must be in control of lawn mowers
What happens when you become a zombie? As with a lot of posts like this, it starts with a conversation over a pint in the local Public House.  This is no difference. This time it’s about, if you couldn’t have guessed already, zombies and one of the annoyances that appear in most ...more

Bleach is sometimes the only answer
Written December 30, 2015
Sometimes you just do a, seemingly innocuous, Google image search and the next thing you are doing is grabbing for the brain bleach.  Other times, you have something pop-up on Facebook and that grabs you in shock. The latter struck earlier today.  The images that caused my shock are not going ...more

A piece on drugs
Written December 6, 2015
I did think about writing a piece on drugs for a while. I did tell people I was going to do one but had to explain it was going to be about drugs not trying to write after “dropping acid” or something similar. For this piece I also needed to do ...more

Friday the 13th
Written November 13, 2015
Today is Friday. Yippie I hear you yell! I would, therefore, kindly remind you what date it is. It’s the 13th! With the week I have had so far, my plan is to hide under a duvet until it ends. Think Garfield and Mondays but multiply that paranoia by 1,000% Back to ...more

How to write a Britain First post
Written September 24, 2015
To write a Britain First, or any other far right post to get clicks, all you need to do is follow this simple guide. First you need something to be disgusted about. Normally this will be Muslims (don’t worry of you can’t spell it just take a stab). It can be ...more

Sometimes you need to make a decision on how to harm you enemy. This is something that we have covered before on this blog. Well, in part. That time involved anvils. The mainstay of the evil genius’ arsenal of weapons. The other is the piano. Normally dropped from height. The main ...more

Alderaan deserved what it got
Written August 1, 2015
There you go.  I’ve said it, Alderaan deserved everything it got! It was claimed that it was a peaceful planet but it was the base of operations for one of the terrorist’s highest placed leaders of the organisation called “The Rebel Alliance“. That is Princess Leia Organa. Someone who was hiding ...more

Good government organisation?
Written May 14, 2015
Why not have a good government organisation? Listening, again, to the BBC radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage has given me the impetus to write about something. This time it’s about secret organisations in The Government. We all know about the, secret, government departments that are there to do evil and try ...more

The only choice for change in 2015
Written April 6, 2015
Not that long ago I wrote a piece about a UKIP supporter doing normal things.  Currently, it’s one of the best read items on the blog for a while. That wasn’t the first UKIP post I have done.  The one before that was about how the change of weather was because ...more

Shock UKIP News
Written April 3, 2015
Information is leaking out of UKIP head office in regards to one of their parliamentary candidates for the 2015 general election. The news is that Augustus Sweney-Lacks, the UKIP candidate for the Trumpton & Chigley constituency has been found to say something that couldn’t be taken as racist or homophobic. This is ...more

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