Confusions and Connections
Poe actually working…
Written July 27, 2014
I saw the below image on a Far Right parody page on Facebook. I thought it was something that they had discovered on the web. Either that or they got someone who had some skill in Photoshop to do it for them. Then, a couple of days later I discovered it ...more

Hug your SysAdmin today…
Written July 25, 2014
Today is SysAdmin day. To give it is full title System Administrator Appreciation Day. The day when the unsung hero of your company’s internet connections should be celebrated. We are a simple bunch. Always trying to keep your computers working. All the hassle with little reward. The first one to be ...more

Be nice to Comic Sans
Written July 23, 2014
This is another controversial posts. I haven’t done many but they do produce a lot of comments. This one will be no exception. I say that Comic Sans is a good font! It’s just how the font is used is what causes hatred. The give-away should be the first part of its ...more

Cool new stuff from Firebox
Written July 15, 2014
I’ve just received a great email from Firebox. It’s been quite a while between them but then again, they do do some great stuff. Ranging from the really geeky to sweet. The first of the five items on the list is the one that caught my eye. The ability to ...more

Blackmailing the world
Written July 1, 2014
I have talked about being an evil genius before on this blog. From construction of your lair to making a loyal army of minions. This time, I’m talking about the end-game. Putting your plans into operation and then blackmailing the world to give you unimaginable riches. If they don’t then you ...more

It was a dark & stormy start
Written June 23, 2014
One of the greatest starts of a novel in English is It was a dark and stormy night. One that tells you where this story is going. Downhill at a rapid speed, normally. This text has been immortalised by Charlie Brown’s pet Snoopy. At the times when he is inspired to ...more

Atheist suicide bomber?
Written June 13, 2014
I was listening to something on my iPod when atheism was mentioned as well as Richard Dawkins. That got me thinking about that as well as religion in general. I have to say that I describe myself as a Lapsed Atheist if anyone asks. It makes people laugh and then think. ...more

Planning on World Domination?
Written June 10, 2014
Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I have a hobby. That of trying to take over the world. If that won’t work, just being able to get something to eat. That predator-prey thing. I have tried the services of the best known supplier to the world of Evil. ...more

Yesterday, I got into an argument over an analogy used in this post. I had to change it to a more fitting one. It ended up being a lot better one as well! That then got me thinking about pointless or impossible quests in literature and two sprang to mind. Well ...more

Happy Towel Day
Written May 25, 2014
Today, May 25, is the 14th Towel Day. A day when Douglas Adams fans celebrate his life, work and untimely death. It was first proposed in 2001, just a few days after his death. A celebration in a very Hitch Hiker tradition of silliness. The day has no connection to the great ...more

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