Confusions and Connections
The Imitation Game’s accurate poster
Written September 28, 2014
Late last week we saw the latest poster for The Imitation Game. Whist having a drink with an old friend we were talking about the film and the new poster and the way that he thought that Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t look anything like the person he was playing. As he was annoyed ...more

War is a Furry Fury
Written September 22, 2014
Sometimes your brain plays tricks on you. Confusing one word for another. Then with the advent of Photoshop, that can become real. This time it hit with Brad Pitt’s upcoming war movie, Fury. I miss-read it as Furry, something entirely different alltogether. The release, late last week, of the new poster was ...more

Orphan Annie gets a poster
Written September 10, 2014
With a release date bumped forward to the dead end of the year, the remake of Annie now gets a poster. Popped into the same slot for award season hopefuls, December. That month is quite crowded this year. With The Penguins of Madagascar starting the month, followed by the last part ...more

Money, Godzilla and Photoshop
Written August 11, 2014
It al started a couple of weeks ago, when a friend changed his profile picture on facebook. The image was calling out to being played about with using Photoshop. Well, in my case it’s Fireworks as I can’t get my head around Photoshop. This then started a set of images that grew ...more

Earlier today saw the release of the UK poster for the upcoming Granddad-action movie The Expendables 3. It comes in two forms. The 1-sheet( portrait one ) and the quad ( landscape ). Most of this post will be talking about the 1-sheet. When I first saw it I was shocked. ...more

Superman goes SINful
Written July 4, 2014
Yesterday saw the first image of Henry Cavill being released of him in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman film. I mentioned in passing that the poster reminded me of the ones from Sin City. That got me diving for Photoshop, well actually Fireworks as I have issues driving Photoshop, and having ...more

TMNT gets character posters
Written April 8, 2014
Some new, exciting, content from the upcoming reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. It’s a simple set of four posters. It’s for the turtles themselves. They are simple but still immediately recognisable as what film they are for. All we see is the turtle’s weapons and a hand holding it. ...more

Earlier this week I got sent over the poster for the Jack Ryan reboot, Shadow Recruit. Looking at the below poster made me wonder what they were they thinking about on some of the elements when they designed it. The poster starts out in quite a conventional manner, the 3 “big names” ...more

JCVD is back
Written November 23, 2013
It all started with an advert for Volvo Trucks staring JCVD about 10 days ago… Before you cry foul and it was all done on a green screen and wires they you would be wrong! It is all done “in camera” but with a couple of modifications to make it a ...more

Apollo and playing tricks with you
Written October 20, 2013
Apollo 8 was the first mission that escaped the pull of the earth and set course to the moon. The year was 1968. A turbulent year. With the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, Students rioting around the world as well as an escalation of troops to Vietnam ...more

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