Confusions and Connections
Charlie Brown and the gang
Written March 4, 2015
Charlie Brown and the Gang are back with a set of character posters. Something I’m a bit confused over as the film isn’t hitting the silver screen here in the UK until late December 2015. Almost 10 months away! I would have expected the film out in the summer ...more

The Hobbit gets new artwork
Written October 16, 2014
Late yesterday we saw the launch of the full set of character posters from the last Hobbit film. Not only that, we have also been sent some great other posters for the film. As always, these have their special names. Quad and one sheet are quite well known but these are ...more

The Penguins get a poster
Written July 28, 2014
The Psychotic Penguins have a poster. The first poster for the upcoming Penguins Of Madagascar has been released. What will happen to our penguin heroes? It sums up the personality of the penguins.  From the innocence of Private to the psychotic nature of Rico.  Skipper and Kowalski seem the sane ones. When ...more

Mad Max at Comic Con
Written July 28, 2014
Yesterday saw the release on the web the first trailer from Mad Max. Before that, late alst week, we saw the first set of images for the film. The trailer is quite epic but I did notice that there was a car that looked familiar. That was a car, inspired ...more

Paramount has just released a new poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This time we see all four of the boys together on one poster. It does have a Michael Bay slant to it. Even if he’s not directing it it does have that explosive mix that we have come to ...more

Earlier today saw the release of the UK poster for the upcoming Granddad-action movie The Expendables 3. It comes in two forms. The 1-sheet( portrait one ) and the quad ( landscape ). Most of this post will be talking about the 1-sheet. When I first saw it I was shocked. ...more

Superman goes SINful
Written July 4, 2014
Yesterday saw the first image of Henry Cavill being released of him in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman film. I mentioned in passing that the poster reminded me of the ones from Sin City. That got me diving for Photoshop, well actually Fireworks as I have issues driving Photoshop, and having ...more

8 new, alternative, posters as well as a video feature for the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The posters are a mix of vintage and propaganda. The propaganda posters are all from the apes point of view. With that, I’m wondering if we are going to see another ...more

Into the Twister
Written June 28, 2014
Two, well 3 actually, new items for Into The Storm, AKA Twister 2 hit my in-box late yesterday. First was a banner, then the poster and third was the new trailer. The film is getting more and more fun. It’s got it all, explosions, children in peril with a father trying to ...more

Great news turtle fans
Written June 24, 2014
We’ve got a ton of new stuff for their upcoming return to the big screen. Not only some new character posters but a great new trailer exploding onto your computer screen. It’s probably one of the very few movie series that you don’t need to put a name to. I proved that ...more

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