Confusions and Connections
Earlier on today something great hit my in-box. That being the brand new trailer, and poster, for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. It touches on Peter Quill’s back story as well as introducing the rag-tag band on misfits that is the universe’s only hope of salvation! I think the universe ...more

Two things have just hit my in-box in regards to the Guardians of the Galaxy. First, I have been sent over a section of “Character Posters”. We get two for the CGI characters and two of the human ones. It’s 5 characters on 4 posters. I first thought ...more

Spongebob gets a second movie.
Written June 10, 2014
Good news Spongebob fans. There’s going to be a second movie! It’s only been ten years since his first outing to the Silver Screen. That’s the good news. The bad news is it seems to be in 3D and, if the poster is to be believed, computer generated. Reading more about the ...more

The new Hercules trailer has just hit. It’s what you would expect for a film with Dwayne Johnson in it. Lots of action, not much acting. After watching the trailer, the first thing that springs to mind is how shoddy the CGI effects, and monsters, seem to be – ...more

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Written May 26, 2014
This film hit my inbox sometime last week and was ignored until today. Watching the trailer made me think that it could be a great laugh to watch. Then it has Mrs Jonathan Ross, Jane Goldman, writing it so expect a lot of rude words, explosions and but-kicking! It is a very ...more

Two great Transformer related items were released this week. One was the amazing new trailer that, if you haven’t watched it yet, will blow you away. The second is a new set of posters. One is Optimus Prime riding a huge mechanical dragon. Who wouldn’t want to see that, another is ...more

Yesterday saw the release of two new posters for Tom Cruise’s take on Groundhog Day. We have, sort of, seen them before. They were as banner images and not the posters that you can see below. They don’t give any more information about the film. The only thing they do is ...more

The first poster for Chris Nolan’s new sci-fi flick hit the web not that long ago. It tells you as much about the film as the synopsis and the teaser trailer did.  Absolutely nothing apart from it’s about wormholes and stuff. The teaser trailer reminds me of the teaser trailer for J.J. ...more

Edge of Tomorrow gets its posters
Written May 5, 2014
I have talked before about the new Tom Cruise take on Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow. This time I have for you the two posters as well as three “banners”. I think they maybe quad posters but they seem to wide for that The epic action of “Edge of Tomorrow” unfolds ...more

The Equalizer is back
Written April 20, 2014
Late last week I got this in my in-box. The first poster for the upcoming film adaptation of the 80s classic series, The Equalizer. My first thought was “Why”. The 80s series with Edward Woodward. This time it’s Denzel Washington taking over the starring role in the film adaptation. The poster gives ...more

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