Confusions and Connections
In event of Moon Disaster
Written November 10, 2014
For any space nut, the most famous speech from the Apollo era was never given. It was prepared for Richard Nixon and is called In event of Moon Disaster. This was to be given if Apollo 11 had failed. It’s a powerful speech. A very moving one, tinged with tragedy but ...more

Ada Lovelace Day 2014
Written October 14, 2014
Today is Ada Lovelace Day. A day to celebrate the role that women have played in science. This is going to be the third time that I have written about this great day. Both of my previous efforts can be found over here, and here. That actually finishes all my science heroines. ...more

Space is closer than you think
Written August 27, 2014
Space people think is a long way away. They are wrong. It only starts 63 miles away or, if you prefer the metric system, 100 kilometres. Not that far. You can drive that distance in about an hour [keeping to the speed limit – ed]. This distance is just a figure ...more

From the Atlantic to the Moon.
Written July 9, 2014
It was 42 years between man crossing the Atlantic in a plane to man walking on the Moon. Today, that’s about half a lifetime ago. Someone who was born when the first event happened could have been inspirational into getting the second one completed. If we go back 24 years from ...more

Looking back at planet Earth
Written April 22, 2014
One upon a time a man wrote that space was big, really big… He wasn’t wrong, it is quite huge as the below 4 images will show. I am convinced that the further away humanity gets from her own planet, the more beautiful it gets. In that vein, I give you 4 images. ...more

Today is Yuri’s Night. A day to celebrate and to remember the flight of Vostok 1 and everyone who has followed Yuri into space. This happened today in 1961, making it the 53rd anniversary of that launch and the 33rd anniversary of the first flight of the Space Shuttle with STS-1. This ...more

Pioneers and Golden Records
Written March 18, 2014
Two of the greatest experiments started when I was very young.  These being the launch of four probes. The two pioneers and the two voyagers. These probes have produced some of the best images of our galaxy we have ever seen. Spend a while going through the images over on the ...more

Another look at Cosmos
Written March 17, 2014
Almost 35 years ago, the late Carl Sagan stared in a ground breaking TV series called Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. This series was, until PBS did one about the American civil war, the biggest watched show on the channel. We now have to jump forward to today, well actually yesterday. Cosmos is ...more

Asteroids and monkeys
Written March 14, 2014
Asteroids & monkeys? What is the connection I hear you say. Well, the simple answer is this: I was listening to an old podcast of the BBC radio 4 series, The Infinite Monkey Cage and they were talking about the earth being hit by an extraterrestrial object, an asteroid mainly. The next ...more

The ultimate MacGuffin?
Written March 13, 2014
A post from earlier this week, talked about god and suitcases.  Now I have to talk about one of the greatest, and least well know, MacGuffin of all time. R2D2. What? I hear you say! I agree with you, in part.  Until I was writing about MacGuffins and deus et machina I ...more

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