Confusions and Connections
Hollywood & World War 2
Written February 28, 2017
It wasn’t only the soldiers that help defeat Hitler. Hollywood also helped. Five of the greatest directors of the era, and some could say of all time, dropped everything to sign up to help win the war. These brave men were the legendary John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank ...more

The Breaking of Lorenz
Written June 6, 2016
Colossus veterans see the whole process at The National Museum of Computing Side-by-side: the Lorenz SZ42 used in Germany-occupied territories and the reconstructed Tunny machine that decrypted the messages at Bletchley. For the first time ever, all the equipment used in making and breaking Lorenz, Hitler’s most secret cipher, was demonstrated with ...more

The Cenotaph turns 95
Written November 11, 2015
95 years ago the great and good gathered in Whitehall, London. This was a special time. It was the second anniversary of the Armistice that ended the great war. They were also there to see the new, permanent, Cenotaph. The Empire’s point of remembrance 1920 was the year that this memorial ...more

In Flanders Fields
Written November 8, 2015
In 1915, a Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel sat down to write one of the most iconic poems of the First World War. That being In Flanders Fields. A poem that inspired one American woman, Moina Michael, to change the way the world commemorate the dead of both World Wars. I leave ...more

Mary Doyle and history
Written May 7, 2015
A small piece on the BBC News website got me thinking. It was an obituary to Rosie The Riveter. The famous Norman Rockwell painting of a woman doing her job for the war effort. Often confused with the other iconic image, We Can Do It. When artist Norman Rockwell painted the ...more

Is Donald Duck suffering from PTSD?
Written November 25, 2014
It’s the second time I have talked about our favourite duck. Donald Duck.  The last time was about his eating habits.  This time it’s about his state of mind and if he is suffering from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If he is, then a good cause would be his time ...more

Turing and The Imitation Game
Written November 14, 2014
One of the greatest mathematical minds of the 20th century is getting a film about himself. The Imitation Game. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as our hero Alan Turing. Someone, Alan not Bendidict, who was persecuted after the war because of his sexuality that lead to his untimely death in 1954 aged just ...more

Pitchforks and how to avoid them
Written May 6, 2014
Pitchforks and torches are two of the things that your average evil genius have to be always careful of. It may just happen out of the blue. That’s unlikely as there should be a pre-cursor. That pre-cursor could be something as simple as stealing young maidens because you need them for ...more

Preston railway station and the war
Written March 31, 2014
There are two memorials to the men, and women, of the first world war at the station. One celebrates the joy of helping returning, and departing, members of the armed forces. The other is situated a, very, short walk away that commemorates the loss of life in the same conflict. The ...more

Dorothy Du Boisson and Colossus
Written March 12, 2013
I don’t write, normally, about dead people but I will make an exception here. Yes, you may argue that I already have done in this post.  That one is actually different. This post is about someone who most people will never have heard of but may know her from one of ...more

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