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Be a Maze Runner in the next book


The award-winning author of the hugely successful Maze Runner series, James Dashner, has written a brand new adventure to be released this Monday 7th September exclusively on Twitter. By taking part in the #ScorchMaze fans will be entered into a competition for the chance to win a unique prize – the lucky winner’s name will be included in the next book of the series, The Fever Code.

The adventure, which takes its cue from a key section of the second Maze Runner book (The Scorch Trials), takes you, Brenda and Jorge into the Underneath – the dangerous world below a zombie-infested city destroyed by the apocalyptic Scorch. The reader is in charge of what happens next, exploring the #ScorchMaze by choosing their own route and making decisions that directly affect the outcome.

In writing this new adventure, James has given one UK fan the ultimate opportunity; to have their name featured as a character in the upcoming immediate prequel to The Maze Runner series, The Fever Code. All UK players who successfully complete the #ScorchMaze can enter a competition to win this exclusive prize

This hugely exciting game for Twitter has been launched to support the brand new covers of the multi-million-selling novels. The sleek and stylish new designs celebrate the release of The Scorch Trials movie in cinemas on September 10th.

Author of the franchise James Dashner said: “I’m excited to give fans a new adventure exclusively on Twitter. As an author and fan of Twitter, it’s been great creating a different kind of story for people to explore online and on their phones for free. I hope everyone enjoys finding their own paths through #ScorchMaze.”

For more information about the #ScorchMaze, visit or start your journey now at @mazerunnerbooks

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