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Containment gets a trailer

Containment, a new British thriller has just released its first trailer.

The film is still in post-production but it’s due out later this year, or at least hopefully as I can’t find a confirmed release date for it.

It does have a nice idea. A small, but skilled, cast that grabs you with their performance – or at last that what I get from the trailer.

Planning the next move
Sometimes a suit doesn't work

I have a lot of time for small, independent, British films. They are the breeding grounds for the next generation of film makers. They are great to work with and will help you more than some of the larger players.

Mark, a failed artist estranged from his wife and son, who wakes one morning to discover that the doors and windows of his flat have been sealed shut. He assumes it’s a sick joke until he sees an army of ‘Hazmats’ – mysterious figures in protective suits – patrolling the grounds and attacking his fellow residents.

When a neighbour smashes through their adjoining wall, Mark joins forces with his new-found ally and others from within the block. Together, they must work to defend themselves from the sinister Hazmats. But they soon discover that the greatest danger is sealed inside with them…

A new independent thriller for 2015
Find out more at the official website

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ROSEMARY WOODHOUSE: "This isn't a dream! This is really happening!" from ROSEMARY'S BABY

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The Evil Overlord who maintains the website has been working within the film industry for too many years. From the early days of the web where things were even less regulated than today and the major distributors still sent out slides and printed synopsis for their latest film...

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