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Convenience – How not to rob a store!

How to rob a Convenience store - Not!
Ever wanted to rob a convenience store? Well, this film shows you how not to do it. At least, not in an easy and quick way.

It does seem to be fun. However, there isn’t a trailer for the film.  This may change in the next couple of days.  The cast seems to be a nice mix of comedic and straight actors.  That seems to play out in the synopsis.  Some characters are just madder than others!

Winner of the Breakthrough Award at the 2014 BAFTA Cymru Awards.  No, I don’t know what that award means as well!  Does it mean that a director of Adverts has just got his first film? who knows!


Ajayand & Shaan, two hapless friends who need to find money to pay a debt inadvertently owed to some Russian strip club owners. Unfortunately after taking the staff hostage, they realise the safe won’t open until 6am. Desperate and with their lives on the line, they decide they must work there all night to avoid anyone raising the alarm before they get their money. However, as they struggle to deal with the feisty Levi, the police, a suicidal businessman, a dwarf cowboy, and a variety of odd characters that frequent the store through the night; the friends’ plot begins to unravel and they are faced with either being arrested by the authorities or killed by the Russians.

Robbing UK cinemas October 2, 2015.
Available On Demand and DVD from October 5, 2015

Find out more on Twitter, Faceboook or the official website

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