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Chickens in good voice

The Manhattan flash from Chicken in BlackYesterday I talked about robots. This time I’m on a totally different track. Chickens!

Why chickens I hear you ask. The answer is simple, Country & Western music.

One of the best songs from the 70s was from Jonny Cash. A parody of his classic The Man In Black. A heart-warming story of a man who had a fatal condition that was cured by a doctor, but with some slight side-effects. He became a famous bank robber, the Manhattan Flash.

It has everything you would expect from a song from this genre. loss, heart break and a touch of syrup. Not only that, it will stick in your head for days and days. A song that you will see the original in a totally different light.

Some people will say that his cover of Hurt, a Nine Inch Nails song, is his best but I dissagree. If you haven’t heard this song. Chicken In Black!

Just remember, if you have five bucks to blow go and see that Johnny Chicken Show!

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The Evil Overlord who maintains the website has been working within the film industry for too many years. From the early days of the web where things were even less regulated than today and the major distributors still sent out slides and printed synopsis for their latest film...

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