Hidden Figures – Be the boss!

Written February 16, 2017 by

It’s the story of the hidden figures, the women, behind getting America into space.  The story that has been long forgotten as the men have taken over.  These women are as much heroes as the men who strapped themselves to intercontinental ballistic missiles and hoped for the best.

We have a nice clip showing Katherine Johnson ( Taraji P. Henderson )…more

The Founder – Making of the film

Written February 16, 2017 by

THE FOUNDER - Featurette

How do you take a sale of milkshare machines to one of the largest corporations in the world? Ray Kroc found a way in The Founder.

This featurette shows us how that story then became a movie with interviews with the cast & crew…

The Founder is a drama that tells the true story of how Ray Kroc, a salesman from Illinois,…more

Richard Curtis and cast reunite for Red Nose Day Actually

Written February 15, 2017 by

Red Nose Day logo

Comic Relief today announce the start of shoot for Red Nose Day Actually from Writer and Director Richard Curtis (Notting Hill, About Time, War Horse). From an original script by Curtis, the short film revisits the characters of Love Actually (2003) to discover what they’re up to in 2017.

Revisiting the roles that first came to cinemas in 2003 are cast…more

John Wick: Chapter Two – Illustrated Posters

Written February 15, 2017 by

Warner Bros UK have just sent over a great set of eight illustrated posters for the upcoming second outing of John Wick.

Not only do we have 8 different styles, we have 8 different moods of John as well

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

In this next chapter following the 2014…more

Get Out & don’t look back

Written February 15, 2017 by

What cound be nicer than a trip to the country with your girlfriend to meet her parents? Well, quite a lot if you meet these parents and are African-American as it seems that her parents collect them… How do you get out and stay alive when they are trying to make you a pet?

When a…more

Patriots Day – A City Unites

Written February 14, 2017 by

Patriots Day - A City Unites

The new featurette for Patriots Day is here.  This one talks about how the great city of Boston came together in the aftermath of the terrorist attack.  Boston Strong both summed up the city as well.

In the aftermath of an unspeakable act of terror, Police Sergeant TOMMY SAUNDERS joins courageous survivors, first responders and investigators in a race against the…more

Valentine’s Day for the Boss Baby

Written February 14, 2017 by

Is it the hardest word to say to someone?  The Boss Baby thinks so.  What is his trouble with the “L” word?

Not only that, we can also give you the first episodes of the baby’s vlog. Diapers & the Cute Face

The Boss Baby is a hilariously universal story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the…more

Ghost in the Shell – The new trailer

Written February 13, 2017 by

The Major in Ghost in the Shell

You have to remember! Everything they told you was a lie! They created me but they cannot control me!

What have they done?  This new trailer delves into the history behind The Major and what she was before she became the cyborg we know her as!  What is she fighting for and why is she being hunted?

This trailer gives…more

Unlocked, the trailer & poster

Written February 12, 2017 by

With an amazing cast but with a bit of a hackneyed plot, Unlocked looks like a good return of some amazing actors into this ensemble piece.

Yes it does involve the current terrorist of choice, the American government, probably a “person who isn’t exactly who you think he is”. Add in a dollop of stopping the attack within a certain amount…more

Lego Batman – Wayne Manor tour & Activity sheets

Written February 12, 2017 by

The LEGO® Batman™ Movie - Brick By Brick Featurette

Want to find out how Batman Bruce Wayne lives? Then we have the answers for you.

Not only that, how the cast of this amazing super-hero film felt like playing their famous yellow heroes?

Need something different, there is always page two & the LEGO Batman activity pack

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