Confusions and Connections

Something random to read

Don’t want to be thrown at a random post but would like to decide what you would like to read?

This is the perfect page for you then.  A mix of random pages but with a choice of what you would like to read.

Just refresh the page to get something new, time after time…

Meet Sid & the gang in these new character posters for the next instalment in the Ice Age saga. Scrat’s epic pursuit of the elusive acorn catapults him into the …more

Who were involved in solving the terrorist attack to hit Boston on Patriots Day?  This featurette focuses on those men and the people who played them in the film In …more

The final trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road hit the web earlier. It’s even more explosive than the other trailers that we have seen! The one thing that I have …more

BAFTA award – winning actor, writer and director Noel Clarke’s final instalment of the British “Hood” trilogy, BrOTHERHOOD, opened in cinemas to a remarkable £1.979m on 220 cinemas screens, marking …more

Samara is back in Rings, the latest part in the Ring franchise. What has brought her back? What is the terrible secret hidden in the deadly tape? The answers are …more

I have already done a piece about Wikileaks.  That time was a parody piece about Julian Assange’s claim that he would leave the embassy that he is hiding in soon.  …more

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