Confusions and Connections

Something random to read

Don’t want to be thrown at a random post but would like to decide what you would like to read?

This is the perfect page for you then.  A mix of random pages but with a choice of what you would like to read.

Just refresh the page to get something new, time after time…

The first thing to hit about the upcoming, unnecessary, 5th instalment in the Transformers franchise has arrived. It’s not a trailer, synopsis or anything useful.  It’s a 2 minute advert, …more

Yesterday saw the 88th Annual Oscar ceremony and our friends over at Substance Global have done a great alternative Oscar infographic. Not only that, they have also done a great …more

Wicked, the musical based on the untold story between two friends who grow up on two different paths in life. One became the Wicked Witch and the other stayed true …more

The first international poster for the upcoming second outing of Jack Reacher has arrived. What does it tell us about the film? Nothing more than what the trailers can tell …more

As you can see from the above still, Maggie, has an interesting cast.  Would you expect Arnie to be in an arthouse film that involves zombies?  I wasn’t expecting it …more

Two new posters have arrived about our favourite giant, The BFG. According to the press release that accompanied them, they are The first of these introduces us to the Giant …more

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