Confusions and Connections

Something random to read

Don’t want to be thrown at a random post but would like to decide what you would like to read?

This is the perfect page for you then.  A mix of random pages but with a choice of what you would like to read.

Just refresh the page to get something new, time after time…

After the release of the main poster for the final part of the Hobbit trilogy, there was a vote on social media to decide what poster would be released next. …more

As a young boy Magnus Carlsen was very different from his peers. He usually sat by himself, lost in thought, and his parents, Henrik and Sigrun, were concerned about his …more

Today saw Google sneak in a new update to their search algorithms. That being Dung Beetle. This, according to what we have discovered uses an excremental algorithm with the aid …more

From a great studio for horror and a director who makes classic horror movies for the modern audience comes Crimson Peak.  The first being Universal Pictures who have given us …more

SunnyMarch and STUDIOCANAL have preempted the film rights to Matt Haig’s forthcoming novel, HOW TO STOP TIME. Oscar and BAFTA nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch (THE IMITATION GAME, DOCTOR STRANGE) is …more

Want to know what logo your evil super-villain has? The Suicide Squad can answer you with a nice set of logo posters. They cover everyone from Boomerang to Slipknot with …more

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