Confusions and Connections

Something random to read

Don’t want to be thrown at a random post but would like to decide what you would like to read?

This is the perfect page for you then.  A mix of random pages but with a choice of what you would like to read.

Just refresh the page to get something new, time after time…

Some new, exciting, content from the upcoming reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. It’s a simple set of four posters. It’s for the turtles themselves. They are simple …more

I had thought Monsters Dark Continent had come and gone but it seems that the late November 2014 release date was ditched at some point and not. It’s now coming …more

There you go. I’ve said it. You will probably start screaming at me for saying that but that’s how I feel. Or at least in part. When you see how …more

Slow West has been sitting in my in-box for a couple of days now. It something that happens if it’s a busy week for film stuff. Most of the time …more

The new trailer for the upcoming new version of Macbeth has arrived. It has the feel of the 1971 Roman Polanski version mixed with a dollop of Kenneth Branagh’s Henry …more

One part of running a website is making sure that you are getting visitors. How they get to your site and what search terms they have used if they arrived …more

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