Confusions and Connections
Apple reinvents advertising?
Written January 22, 2014
Today is a momentum day in the history of advertising.  It’s the day that the world saw, for the second time*, Apple’s classic, “big brother”, Superbowl ad. It was a different ...more
Does Apple Invent?
Written August 29, 2014
Has Apple, the computer manufacturer, actually invented anything? It seems that they just take other people’s ideas and make them, possibly, better. It’s like the late 20th century Thomas Alva Edison. ...more
MyFilmClub – The new film app
Written April 26, 2017
myfilmClub logo
AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW on iPHONES, iPADS and ANDROID DEVICES ‘The first rule of MyFilmClub is: you DO talk about MyFilmClub’ Given the size and scope of the UK film ...more

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