Confusions and Connections
Asteroids and monkeys
Written March 14, 2014
Asteroids & monkeys? What is the connection I hear you say. Well, the simple answer is this: I was listening to an old podcast of the BBC radio 4 series, The ...more
Bad Education gets a trailer
Written July 13, 2015
The first trailer for the upcoming The Bad Education Movie has hit. My god it looks bad! Almost up there with The Sex Lives of the Potato men ...more
The National Museum of Computing put on a request in June 2015 for people to help them fix their collection of BBC Micros. They answered the call and helped get ...more
Happy 25th Anniversary BBC Films
Written March 25, 2015
Amazing news from BBC Films. In their 25th year in helping the film industry. From Truly Madly Deeply to the forthcoming Mr Holmes, they have had an amazing quarter of ...more
Happy April fools day
Written April 1, 2014
Today is April Fools Day, so why not write about that. Today is the anniversary of one of, if not, the greatest April 1 prank ever played on the world. It ...more
Historical Computers
Written June 24, 2013
I am of that generation that were brought up with, by today’s standards, computers that feel that are not that much faster than doing the calculations by hand. We started with ...more
How much longer will 3D be with us?
Written January 7, 2014
You know Hollywood is having problems when 3D rears its ugly head in force again.  It has always liked gimmicks to get bums on seats when times are lean. The ...more
Llamas and Shaun the Sheep
Written July 20, 2015
Some great news from Aardman has hit today. Shaun is getting some new friends! This time they are a trio of Llamas! It’s Shaun’s first 30 minute adventure. ...more
More from Bill
Written February 18, 2014
Back in mid January I was informed about a new film about to start filming. One starring the cast of Horrible Histories and our greatest ever playwright. Now I have been ...more
Remembering Challenger
Written January 28, 2014
Almost 30 years ago a spaceship named Challenger took off into the great blue yonder. Quite a routine thing at the time with NASA’s new launch vehicle, the space shuttle. This ...more
Remembering Tienanmen 25 years on
Written June 4, 2014
25 years ago, a bunch of students started to protest about their freedom. Not that unusual about that until I tell you that this was in China. It was held ...more
Shaun The Sheep wins another award
Written July 15, 2014
Today it was announced by The Radio Times that the nation has spoken. They have chosen their favourite BBC cartoon character of all time. Shaun The Sheep was chosen as your ...more
I can’t say anything about how good this will be as I never say Bad Education when it was on BBC three. On the other hand, it does seem to ...more
The Minions are lose at the Beeb!
Written June 25, 2015
Earlier today we were sent over this great mini-movie that involved minions, the BBC and a lot of people and sets that you will recognise. The story of the ...more
Will is back
Written January 22, 2014
BBC films and the people who gave us Horrible Histories have just sent out a press release to let the world to know that they are about to start principle ...more

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