Confusions and Connections
GLOW has a new poster
Written June 5, 2017
GLOW UK poster
The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have a new poster.  It’s the one that you can figure out who is getting more screen time than others. It does look like there are ...more
GLOW has new images
Written July 5, 2017
The ladies of GLOW
The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back in this new set of images from the upcoming Netflix series, GLOW. Who is your favourite?  What will be the outcome of this mad ...more
Meet the wrestling girls of GLOW
Written April 6, 2017
GLOW is a fictional look at the classic 80s TV series of the same name. It tells the story of one of the stars of the series, an out-of-work, actress ...more
The ladies of GLOW are back
Written May 15, 2017
GLOW - Official Trailer
Who are the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling?  Are they actresses or wrestlers? Is there a difference? The new trailer tries to answer some of these questions GUTS. GLITTER. GLORY. GLOW. Get in the ...more
Who are the ladies of GLOW?
Written April 30, 2017
Not only do we get the teaser trailer but a great set of character posters to go with the upcoming Netflix series GLOW. GLOW tells the fictional ...more

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