Confusions and Connections
Earlier this week I got sent over the poster for the Jack Ryan reboot, Shadow Recruit. Looking at the below poster made me wonder what they were they thinking about on ...more
Horrible Bosses 2 gets a trailer
Written September 6, 2014
Nick, Dale and Kurt are back in Horrible Bosses 2. After their adventures in the 2011 film, they are back and are not planning on murdering anyone this time. To celebrate ...more
The musical take on The Brothers Grimm opened over Christmas in the UK to amazing figures. It became the biggest ever US opening for a screen adaptation of a Broadway ...more
Into The Woods release Character Posters
Written November 6, 2014
With a great cast and based on a Stephen Sondheim musical, Into The Woods, we have been set over a set of Character posters. If you have seen the musical, then ...more
Jack Ryan over the years
Written October 16, 2013
With the release of the second trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, It’s now a good time to go through the ever changing face of our hero. We have already seen ...more
Outlaw King is filming
Written September 10, 2017
Outlaw king first look
Photoshop hits posters
Written December 17, 2012
It seems that 2012 was the year of dubious photo shopped posters. It looks like it is split into a couple of camps; mainly being either a montages of the ...more
Rihanna does Star Trek
Written June 30, 2016
Now Rihanna has jumped onto the Star Trek bandwaggon with her new song. It’s the theme song for Star Trek Beyond. Called Sledgehammer Not only does it seem to be a ...more
An Interesting sounding film has just hit my in-box. Into The Woods. One with an interesting cast as you can see on the poster. The film’s director, Rob Marshall has a ...more
Star Trek Beyond – Jaylah Poster
Written June 19, 2016
A brand new character poster for Jaylah has appeared online. This does seem to indicate that she maybe the pivotal character for the entire film. Why else should ...more
Star Trek Beyond – New Art Posters
Written September 18, 2016
Graphic designer Matt Ferguson loved Star Trek Beyond so much that he created this beautiful alternative artwork for Paramount. The posters are brilliant. It’s a shame they have come out ...more
What a massive trailer. The new Star Trek Beyond one has arrived. It does show that the director can go from exploding cars to exploding space ships. ...more
Star Trek Beyond character posters
Written June 1, 2016
Not that long ago we saw a new poster for Star trek Beyond. Today, we give you a nice set of character posters for the film. The two best ones, in ...more
Star Trek Beyond has a final trailer
Written July 19, 2016
With only a week to go before Star Trek Beyond hits the silver screen this week. With that, we have the final trailer for the film. It shows ...more
Star Trek Beyond has a new poster
Written May 25, 2016
Another poster for Star Trek Beyond has crash landed onto the web. This one isn’t using a cliched colour scheme for a change.  That, I think, makes it more striking ...more
Star Trek Beyond has a new trailer
Written May 21, 2016
Back in December saw the first trailer for the upcoming new chapter in the voyages of The Enterprise, Star Trek Beyond. This is the new trailer. It shows us a lot ...more
Star Trek Beyond has an explosive trailer
Written December 14, 2015
This trailer came out of nowhere! That being the first trailer for the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond. It’s explosive with a great soundtrack and it’s nice to see ...more
Wonder Woman & her new poster
Written March 11, 2017
Wonder Woman beach poster
Out of the blue, the new Wonder Woman poster has crashed onto the web. This is the first new thing for the film since the trailer landed back in November. It ...more
Wonder Woman & her origin trailer
Written March 12, 2017
Wonder Woman - Official Origin Trailer
Yesterday saw the new poster appear. I did make a prediction of what next to expect from Wonder Woman. I was completely wrong as this proves. We now have a great ...more
Wonder Woman and the truth
Written May 19, 2017
Wonder Woman - Lasso Art
The brand new poster has arrived for Wonder Woman.  This time it shows her using The Lasso of Truth. It’s a strange poster as it still doesn’t have a release date ...more

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