Confusions and Connections
Two things have just hit my in-box in regards to the Guardians of the Galaxy. First, I have been sent over a section of “Character Posters”. We get two for ...more
Emmet at Glastonbury
Written June 29, 2014
Yesterday it was all about Metallica at Glastonbury. The special guest that they failed to mention was a lot more Awesome. That star was Emmet. The lonely hero from The LEGO ...more
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 - Inferno Music Video
What more do you need? David Hasselhoff disco rapping! That’s what you get in this great music video for The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 It’s an amazing look at ...more
I should have made comments about the upcoming Jurassic World on this blog before but I had a slight hickup and fell off the list of one of the contacts ...more
Jurassic World meets Minecraft
Written June 14, 2015
With Jurassic World open for visitors, we have been sent over a Jurassic inspired minecraft video. This is from the world’s largest Minecraft channel, DanTDM, The Diamond Minecart This completely unique ...more
Magnificent Seven has a new trailer
Written July 18, 2016
What do seven strangers have in common? That is the question that The Magnificent Seven starts to answer. Who are they and what are they doing. There are ...more
Good news western fans. The Magnificent Seven is only s short time from hitting the silver screen in the UK. With that out of the way, We can ...more
Earlier on today something great hit my in-box. That being the brand new trailer, and poster, for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. It touches on Peter Quill’s back story as ...more
More from the Guardians
Written May 12, 2014
A whole new set of images have just been launched of Peter Quill and the gang. From a great group shot of our “heroes”, armed to the teeth, via shots of ...more
Passengers has a new Poster
Written November 3, 2016
With two of the hottest stars out there, Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt, what can go wrong with two passengers who have been woken from hibernation early. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris ...more
Put Groot on your wall
Written April 18, 2017
Who doesn’t want Baby Groot as your desktop wallpaper? This is your chance to live that dream. We give you a ton of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 wallpapers to ...more
The brand new poster for The Magnificent Seven has ridden onto the Internet. It’s quite a classic poster. It just shows you the name of the film and the seven ...more
The Magnificent Seven ride again
Written April 20, 2016
When I first caught the email that mentioned the remake of The Magnificent Seven I was crying inside.  It was another attempt at Hollywood to make money from remaking their ...more
Why are the Passengers awake?
Written September 20, 2016
What could possibly go wrong and not make this film a smash hit. It has two of the hottest stars out there. It’s about space. What could stop Passengers becoming ...more

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