Confusions and Connections
Christopher Nolan & Dunkirk
Written August 7, 2016
The first trailer has arrived for the upcoming retelling of the disaster at Dunkirk.  It doesn’t show us much.  It looks like they have finished principle photography but they haven’t ...more
Dunkirk – the explosive new trailer
Written December 15, 2016
Dunkirk - Survival Trailer
After seeing the poster and teaser trailer, Dunkirk now has its first full length trailer and it’s as epic as the film is turning out to be “Dunkirk” opens as hundreds ...more
Dunkirk - Official Main Trailer
The brand new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Dunkirk has landed.  This one takes us on more of a journey from where the teaser trailer started. Most of the 400,000 men ...more
Dunkirk – World Premiere
Written July 15, 2017
Thursday saw the World Premiere of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The cast and director were there in London’s West End with Prince Harry also making an appearance. “Dunkirk” opens as hundreds ...more
Dunkirk has a new poster
Written June 7, 2017
Dunkirk poster
The new poster for Dunkirk seems to show a lot less of what’s happening than the previous one we have seen.  This one is more of a “character poster” than ...more
Dunkirk has a poster
Written December 13, 2016
Dunkirk poster
The first poster has arrived for the critically acclaimed director, Christopher Nolan’s next film, Dunkirk. There is quite a lot to see on the poster. From the Stukas at the top; ...more
With Free Fire in UK cinemas, yesterday to celebrate its release, StudioCanal UK released a nice set of, what they describe as “Alternative character posters”. We see all of our heroes, ...more
Free Fire character posters
Written October 13, 2016
Late September saw the release of the trailer for this fun gun sale gone wrong movie.  Now we have a set of Free Fire character posters. Not only that, we ...more
Free Fire gets a new trailer
Written March 9, 2017
The more I see of Free Fire the more fun it looks.  It’s a great mix of 70s fashion & an 80s crime / comedy.  It does have all the ...more
Free Fire has a trailer
Written September 11, 2016
What could possibly go wrong when you are buying weapons from some dubious people? Well, this is one way of how it ends. Not sure who will actually ...more
We have just been sent over a great Q&A for In the Heart of the Sea.  this is where we talk to not only the stars of the film but ...more
In the heart of the Sea is Ron Howard’s take on the story behind what became a classic. That classic being Moby Dick. This is the final, explosive ...more
In the Heart of the Sea has a new poster
Written November 12, 2015
A new poster for In the Heart of the Sea has swum into my inbox. It shows all the major characters in the film.  All the human ones and the ...more
Moby Dick & In the heart of the Sea
Written November 25, 2015
What Inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick? What is the myth behind history’s greatest whale? Roh Howard talks, not only, about the film but the mythical whale that inspired ...more
This is the story of the greatest whale in literature, Moby Dick. The story of the crew of the Essex and what they had to survive. With that, we have the ...more
More Free Fire
Written March 26, 2017
Every time we see something new about this film, Free Fire, the more we’re looking forward to it here in Confusions & Connections tower. The only thing that is running through ...more
See more of Free Fire
Written March 15, 2017
New things from the upcoming comedy, Free Fire. This time we get a great set of images showing what our heroes have to go through to survive their foray into ...more
Talking about Dunkirk
Written July 3, 2017
A great round-table ( I know it’s square but… ) talk with some of the cast of the upcoming Dunkirk.  Not only that we get a nice piece from the ...more
The Making of Free Fire
Written April 17, 2017
Now you’ve seen the incredible gun-play in the film, hear from stars Cillian Murphy, Brie Larson and Armie Hammer on how the film was made! Justine has brokered a meeting in ...more

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